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December 3, 2001

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Fastening, Joining and Assembly

Substrate support system

The In-Line Red-E-Set is a substrate support system made to increase machine uptime by eliminating board flex, reducing defects, and decreasing set-up time by as much as 84 percent. Spring-loaded, non-abrasive support pins, spaced closely for maximum support, lock a board in place. Featuring 1.5-inch wide modules, the system is reportedly capable of providing 40-inch board support length, while eliminating board flex. Applications include dispensing systems, pick-and-place equipment, and most automatic screen printers.

Production Solutions, Inc.,

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E-Line swing-handle is designed to automatically open, or lock, through the manual actuation of the swing-handle. Eliminating the need for keys, the handle is released when a servomotor enables the correct bolt to be pulled back. An integrated LED indicates authorized access with colors.


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Cable-tie mounts

Designed to mount wires or cables in enclosures, the PEM(R) TY-D(TM) self-clinching cable tie-mounts reportedly save production time and money by eliminating loose hardware. Panels remain flush and closed to eliminate EMI/RFI or dust and dirt contamination. With no adhesives, tie-mounts do not fail over time and temperature cycling.

PEM Fastening Systems,

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Transfer adhesives

ARclear(TM) 8930-Strippable Acrylic Transfer Adhesive and ARclear(TM) 8932-Silicone Transfer Adhesive are engineered for the company's Optically Clear Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Technologies for the Display Screen/Flat Panel Display Industry. ARclear 8930 is a 1.0 mil strippable, acrylic optically clear transfer adhesive used in applications requiring high quality optical properties and preservation of expensive components. ARclear 8932 is a 2.0 mil silicone-based transfer adhesive designed for extreme temperature and low flammability.

Adhesives Research Inc.,

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Connector line

Quick Twist Connector Line is a helical seal design intended as a liquid tight seal, connecting fitting to conduit. According to the company, the one-piece connector line saves time and money by not requiring installation tools.

Heyco Products Inc.,

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Structural adhesive

Plexus MA 820 Methacrylate Metal Bonding Adhesive is a two-part, low-odor adhesive gel designed for tough metal bonding applications, as in RV, marine, bus, and heavy truck manufacturing. According to the company, the gel cures with no surface task in a working time of 4-6 minutes, and reaches 75% of ultimate strength in 15-20 minutes. Adhesive is supplied in cartridges, 5-gallon pails, and 50-gallon drums.

ITW Plexus,

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Key panel

The urethane-encapsulated Soft Key is designed for use in appliances, membrane switches, temperature instrumentation, graphic display terminals, and hand-held devices. An X-Y-Z axis machine controls the urethane amount and flow in forming the keypad. The keypad is both abrasion and chemical resistant, and may be used indoor or outdoor.

Marking Specialists/PTI,

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Non-metallic enclosures

NightHawk(TM) Extra Protection Enclosures are designed for use in hazardous locations, requiring increased safety. Enclosures are made of a specialized, proprietary fiberglass SMC formulation, developed in the company's FormRight custom SMC compound. A silicone gasket resists high temperature and corrosion. Meeting Class I T5 temperature requirements, the enclosures are certified as acknowledged components in Class I and Zone 1 and 2 environments.

Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures,

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Epoxy resin

Master Bond Polymer System EP51AO, the two-component, ceramic-filled epoxy resin, is thermally conductive up to 8 Btu/hr/ft2 /F/in at 75F, and electrically insulative with over 1012 ohm cm electrical volume resistivity. Used in heat dissipative bonding, sealing, and potting assemblies, it cures with a one-to-one mix ratio, weight, or volume. Adhesion works with both metallic and nonmetallic substrates, and in a temperature range of -65 to over 250F.

Master Bond Inc.,

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Loctite(R) 34580 is an acrylic adhesive made as a replacement to zinc phosphate in e-coated surface bonding. The single component adhesive cures at room temperature and is temperature resistant from -40 to 350F, reportedly maintaining flexibility and high tensile strength. The yellow bonding paste can be used in motor magnet assembly and other structural bonding, particularly in automotive underhood applications.


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Hydraulic swaging unit

The air-actuated hydraulic swaging unit (AHSU), powered by shop air, is made to reduce makeup torque and installation time. Featuring corrosion-resistant, interchangeable, stainless steel, it swages .25, 3/8, and .50 inch and 6, 8, 10, and 12 mm tube-fitting ferrules. Pre-swaged fittings and the company's gap inspection gauge are gaugeable on installation. A .25-inch tube-fitting air inlet port connects to shop air systems.


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Silicone potting compound

Loctite(R) 34082 is a flowable, non-corrosive transparent silicone paste that cures at up to 22-mm depth under initial UV light cure. Developed without plasticizers that shrink the cured paste, the single-component, thixotropic material is used in automotive potting applications such as electronic and electrical components, door latch potting, and assemblies under the hood and in the interior cockpit.


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Tolerance ring

Designed as a replacement to standard slip clutches, the Power Ring reportedly maintains accurate torque control while decreasing degradation. The ring features a modified corrugation profile, and a factory-coated solid lubricant that eliminates the need for separate high-pressure greases. According to the company, the ring improves component assembly and process control during manufacture.

USA Tolerance Rings,

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Air operated conveyors

Threaded Line Vac Air Operated Conveyors are intended to form a conveying system for bulk materials, attaching to plumbing pipe couplers with ordinary pipe. Used in long-distance conveying of large volumes of materials, the conveyors operate by ejecting compressed air that creates a vacuum on one end and high output flows on the other end. Compressed air pressure regulation gives users control over conveying rate.

Exair Corp.,

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