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September 23, 2002

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Nut and bolt system

The PermanentechSM self-locking, vibration-proof nut and bolt system is available in metal and moldable plastic. The fasteners feature a lock-in bolt channel design that engages the nut at predetermined intervals. The nut uses lock-in tines to eliminate vibration. Applications include aerospace, defense, industrial machinery, medical instruments, electronics, and construction.

Permanent Technologies, Inc., www.permanentech.com. Enter 650


The Pro-Meter VDK dispensing system is designed for use with high viscosity silicones, epoxies and hot melt materials, and for bonding and sealing applications. The closed-loop, positive-displacement, spur gear pump system reportedly offers plus or minus 1 percent dispense control accuracy and fast response time to change flow rates and output. The system incorporates an encoder-feedback servo drive in the module, which reduces effects from pressure and viscosity changes.

Nordson Corp., www.nordson.com. Enter 651

Rod ends

E-Series rod ends-including a polymer clevis joint, connecting rods, and snap rings-provide a connection made of engineered polymers, giving it light weight, vibration absorption capability, and high tensile strength. The clevis joint is available in 6-inch sizes from up to 0.5 inch and connecting rods are available with optional snap rings. The E-Series is suitable for outdoor machinery exposed to chemicals and frequent washing.

igus Inc., www.igus.com. Enter 652

Castable liquid

Cable Cast FR is a flame-retardant urethane for encapsulating, insulating, and providing strain relief on electrical cables and connectors. The black non-shrinking castable liquid forms a rigid yet flexible jacket that achieves functional cure in 16 hours at 75F and full cure in 48 hours. The Cable Cast FR is suitable for cable repair in mining and power distribution.

Devcon, www.devcon.com. Enter 653


The SWC (Security with Convenience) handle is a conjunction of a combination and key lock device that enables a master key system to exist, to eliminate having to track keys or change cylinders. The handle is released by either the key or combination, which can only be reset by first entering the existing combination. Sealed to NEMA 4 standards, the handle can operate single and three-point locking systems.

EMKA Inc., www.emka.com. Enter 654

Gap fillers

THERM-A-GAP(R) T630 and T630G are form-in-place thermally conductive gap filler materials that provide a conformable thermal path between hot components and heat spreaders. The T630 and T630G materials can fill gaps ranging in size from 0.010 to 0.300 inch. Applications include network and graphics boards, power supplies, and automotive electronics.

Chomerics, www.chomerics.com. Enter 655

Flange spreader

The AUTO-SPREADER(TM) flange spreader reportedly increases safety for maintenance personnel with its serrated jaw design that eliminates drift and slippage on all sizes and classes of flanges without wedges. The flange spreader features integral jaws that open simultaneously allowing for reportedly easy flange gasket replacement. Applications include toe jack, opening vessels, lowering, and turning blinds.

Fastorq Bolting Systems, www.fastorq.com. Enter 656

Access hardware

The threaded access hardware types include tool- or hand- self-clinching panel fasteners with a low-profile design or a universal drive. Flush-mounted panel screw components, snap-in panel and press-in panel fasteners are also available. The hardware is designed with captive screws to minimize parts, and is suitable to attach metal panels or other thin-material component applications.

PEM Fastening Systems, www.pemnet.com. Enter 657

Transfer adhesive

The 7434-74 acrylic-based transfer adhesive is designed for foam bonding and elevated temperature performance. The unsupported adhesive bonds to many foam substrates, including ether, low perm urethane, and melamine foams, and is suitable for transportation, electronic, and medical industries. Features include a 74-lb removable liner, die cutting, high-peel strength, and high-shear resistance.

Adchem Corp., www.adchem.com. Enter 658


The low compression-set silicone sponge core D-connector shields fit 9 through 50 pin layouts and can be rear- or front-mounted with optional assembly strips. The highly conductive shield is co-extruded and provides low-contact resistance over an inner sponge core. Applications include RFI shielding and grounding.

Vanguard Products Corp., www.vanguardproducts.com. Enter 659

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