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April 8, 2002

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Full-hex inserts

MaxTite blind threaded steel inserts feature a torque-resisting profile, according to the company, with a full-hex body and thick head and heavy wall sections. Used for blind attachment applications, inserts install sheet, panel, and closed-end structures as low as 0.10 inch thick. They serve as an alternative to tapped holes, rivets, weld nuts, and self-tapping screws. Atlas Engineering, Enter 623

Label holder

This label holder has a patent-pending living hinge that swings up and then back in place for easy access, clear label presentation, and fewer cases of torn containers on soft packages. Made with a tight frictioned fit, the holder may be used with glass or wire shelves, as in a bakery department. Trion Industries, Enter 624


The Adelok self-restraining loop clamp comes in different elastomers and contours for applications with power cables, wire bundles, and fluid lines. A heel lock keeps the clamp closed and in place during installation. Interchangeable with M85052 and MS21919 designs, it has a payload range of 0.062 inch to 3.5 inches and meets TSO requirements for airline applications. Adel Wiggins, Enter 625

Adhesive dispenser

Intended to improve fluid control, the MicroPen(TM) reportedly reduces waste in critical assembly processes. According to the company, a timed-pulse dispenser creates microdeposits as small as 0.004 inch in diameter. A 0.25-cc capacity disposable reservoir tip allows 2-part epoxies, UV-cures, and other adhesives to be mixed and consumed before pot life expiration. Reservoir tips are silicone free and made to resist 280 to 390-nm wavelengths. EFD Inc., Enter 626


Epocast(R) 1633-A/B epoxy is purportedly halogen free and self extinguishing for edge filling and fastener reinforcing use in aerospace honeycomb-composite structures. With a resin to hardener mix ratio of 2:1, the epoxy is suitable for automated meter/mix dispensing for large potting applications. Dual-barrel cartridges in 50- and 200-ml sizes are used to minimize time and material waste for small potting projects. Vantico Inc., Enter 627

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