Engineers trying to express their love on Valentine’s Day can query AI for suggestions.

Spencer Chin, Senior Editor

February 13, 2024

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AI and romance can mix.
Engineers accustomed to logical thoughts and actions can query AI tools for ideas on expressing their emotions to loved ones.LeArchitecto/ iStock / Getty Images Plus

At a Glance

  • AI tools such as ChatGPT may offers suggestions for composing romantic messages to say to a loved one.

Engineers are known for their logical approach to solving problems and settling disagreements. That works fine most of the time. However, interpersonal relationships sometimes dictate that a partner may not want to hear a measured, rational response but more of an emotional, passionate one.

As it may sound disingenuous for a tech-oriented person to suddenly change gears to deliver an outpouring of emotion, coming up with the right words to say, whether in written or spoken word, maybe a bit awkward. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way.

Because we increasingly query AI tools for answers or ideas to many other questions, Design News decided to query ChatGPT for a Valentine’s Day message to a loved one. But not any Valentine’s Day message, instead one that could at least partially reflect the mindset of an engineer.

ChatGPT’s response is below in bold italics. Remember, you don’t want to text or verbally deliver ChatGPT’s response to a loved one verbatim, as it may sound like it came not from you but from another source. You can excerpt portions of ChatGPT's response for your custom message. 

In circuits of love, you are my node, With every connection, my heart's code. Your smile, a voltage, lights up my soul, In the language of love, you're my console.

Like precision instruments, our hearts align, In this symphony of love, you're my design. Through the data streams of time, we sync, Our love, an algorithm, too complex to shrink.

In the blueprint of life, you're my perfect part, Together we create a masterpiece, an art. In the engineering of love, we find our flow, Forever entwined, our love continues to grow.

So on this Valentine's, let's celebrate our bond, In the language of love, forever we respond. With you, my dear, my circuits feel complete, Happy Valentine's Day, my love, my sweet.

Don’t like the response? Provide additional inputs into ChatGPT or whatever AI tool is used to further customize a potential response.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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