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In this Nvidia AI Podcast, startup GluxKind discusses the development of their AI-powered Smart Stroller, Ella.

Spencer Chin

May 18, 2023

Here’s an example of where artificial intelligence (AI) is being used for good─in this case to make it easier for parents to mind their babies. A startup called GluxKind has developed an AI-powered smart stroller, called Ella, in response to discussions with other parents and their own experiences using a stroller for their newborn baby. The founders wondered with all the attention and development of autonomous technologies for vehicles, why some of these technologies could not be adopted to a baby stroller, which if unattended can easily roll away and cause potential harm to other pedestrians, pets, other vehicles, and of course the baby.

Ella has safety features such as downhill braking and uphill assist. With a full range of sensors on board, the Ella Smart Stroller is designed to maintain the path of the person(s) pushing the stroller. The stroller comes with a smartphone app, but offers only limited hands-free operation and requires steering by a person in most situations. The Smart Stroller is lightweight enough to be easily carried and lifted into a vehicle, even by a pregnant person.


GluxKind’s founders have developed four versions of the Smart Stroller based on user feedback and continue to perform user testing. They plan to target parents who value safety features and partner with retail stores to increase accessibility. They also discussed potential next steps, such as expanding the product line and incorporating user feedback into future versions of the Smart Stroller.

According to GluxKind’s founders, the Smart Stroller will be ready to ship the second half of 2023.

You can learn more about Ella by watching the video.


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