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Agilent Technologies' High-Speed PCIe Digitizer with On-Board Signal Processing/Agilent (U1084A)

Agilent Technologies' High-Speed PCIe Digitizer with On-Board Signal Processing/Agilent  (U1084A)

The new PCI ExpressA(R) (PCIe) high-speed data acquisition card with on-board field programmable gate array (FPGA) for real-time data processing, provides higher sampling rates, faster measurement throughput and even more flexibility to OEMs and many test and measurement engineers, while maintaining precision and cost effectiveness. The Agilent U1084A Acqiris high-speed data converter leverages the performance of Agilent's leading-edge technology and know-how to meet the most demanding requirements. The product's PCIe form factor and flexible architecture are ideal for use in medical imaging, scientific instrumentation, non-destructive testing (NDT) and even the validation of mixed-signal semiconductors in automated test equipment. The extreme performance of the digitizer is also suited to advanced research in to high-energy physics, nuclear physics and astrophysics. The product represents the first implementation of Agilent Acqiris know-how and technology in to the PCIe form factor. Designed for easy implementation into desktop PC's and other PCIe systems, the card provides incredible performance for integration as the key high-speed acquisition component in any design. On-board FPGA processing maximizes measurement throughput, by providing real-time data reduction. Off-the-shelf firmware includes signal averaging and peak analysis running at the full 4 GS/s acquisition rates of the card. Combined with up to 520 MB/s bus transfer with 4x PCIe measurement data can quickly be passed to a host processor for application specific processing. The product includes much Agilent IP designed specifically for high-speed data acquisition. Most notably the on-board FPGA is capable of finding, in real-time, the position of a trigger with a time resolution of 10ps. This provides increased timing resolution over alternative solutions in a PCIe digitizing card that can be simply integrated as an off-the-shelf component.

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