We had five toes?

DN Staff

November 20, 2000

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We had five toes?

Paris, France -What will amaze our descendents most when they open satellite KEO's time capsule in 50,000 years? Evolutionists say the pinky toe is on its way out, so imagine finding that your species used to have extra digits. They simply won't understand what all the talk of stubbing was about.

KEO is scheduled for launch next year. This time capsule-with-a-twist should stay aloft for about 50,000 years in a gradually decaying orbit. With large decorative wings that beat in response to temperature changes, the spacecraft is made of materials sensitive enough to deflect cosmic radiation, but strong enough to survive its eventual crash to earth. It will even float if it lands in water. The cargo will carry a record of what once was in a stack of CDs, ideally containing enough digital space to store a 6,000 character message from each person alive today.

Anyone can submit messages to the non-profit program through the website, www.keo.org. All messages will be uncensored, stored in their original language, and available for viewing on the organization's website. So don't write anything you don't want your Mom or your great, great, great, great...grandchildren to read.

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