Patented PVC Material Helps Hide Soldiers, Vehicles

April 30, 2009

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Patented PVC Material Helps Hide Soldiers, Vehicles

Military WrapsTMInc., a defense contractor specializing in one-way visibility and advancedcamouflage systems, is changing the way soldiers and their equipment look on thebattlefield.

PhotoVeilTM is a patent-pending PVC-type mesh material that combines high-resolutionmegapixel digital images and state-of-the-art inking systems to duplicate anyenvironment. It allows soldiers to see through it without being seen.

"Photo VeilTM is a one-way visibility system that an operatorcan get behind and look out of but cannot be seen from the exterior side. It wouldbe used for surveillance, counter-surveillance, anyone who would want tocamouflage themselves using a lightweight system that would fold up in abackpack or in your pocket." says Trevor Kracker, Military Wraps'TM presidentand founder. "It's really, really lightweight."

Kracker says Photo VeilTM can be likened to the two-waymirror used by police in interrogation rooms, but is different because is itportable, lightweight, flexible and waterproof.

"We feel no one has patented it because they didn't see theuse that we saw in it," he says. "We saw various other uses for somethingbecause of our knowledge and expertise. We knew it would work in thebattlefield."

Photo VeilTM, which Kracker jokingly calls "a flash ofgenius," is manufactured in various thicknesses and weights and is only sold tolaw enforcement and the military. "I had an idea one day and the rest washistory."

Military WrapsTM currently has nine U.S. andInternational patent applications pending, according to Kracker.

Military Wraps

Patented PVC Material Helps Hide Soldiers, Vehicles A

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