Aerotech's AGS1500

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April 10, 2010

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Aerotech's AGS1500

The AGS1500 series Cartesian gantry is the compact versionof our AGS15000 gantry, and is designed for ultra-precision, high-dynamiccontouring. The planar design minimizes dynamic pitch errors at the work point.AGS1500 systems are used in precision micromachining, stencil cutting, fuelcell manufacturing, solder-ball placement, printed electronics, high-speedpick-and-place, automated assembly, vision inspection, dispensing stations, andhigh-accuracy inspection where space is at a premium and high accuracy andspeed is essential. Brushless linear servomotors drive the AGS1500 to speeds of3 m/s and accelerations of 5g, with travels up to 500 x 500 mm and resolutionof 1 nm. The AGS1500 provides design engineers with a gantry specificallydesigned for high-dynamic, precise contouring applications in space-constrainedenvironments, significantly improving process accuracy and throughput.Customizable Z and theta axes allow the flexibility to create the exactconfiguration they require and that is most efficient for their process. TheAGS1500 also was designed with the linear motors and encoders on the outside ofthe work area, resulting in a reduction in downtime due to debris-induceddamage. And finally, the configurable cable management system allows designengineers to easily integrate lasers, cameras, air lines, and other elementsfor a truly optimized system. Comparedto other designs where the bridge is mounted above the bottom axis carriages,the AGS1500 utilizes a planar design where the cross-axis is in line with thebottom axis motors. This greatly reduces the errors due to pitch of bottomaxis, improves the stiffness, and extends the servo bandwidth. With highstiffness and servo bandwidth, the dynamic tracking performance greatly exceedsthat of other designs. In addition, both the magnet tracks and the encoders forthe bottom axis are mounted to the outside of the gantry for protection duringmaterial processing - i.e., laser processing can generate debris.

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