Aerotech PRO Series Hard-Cover, Side-Sealed Linear Stages

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January 25, 2010

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Aerotech PRO Series Hard-Cover, Side-Sealed Linear Stages

MOTION CONTROL:  Aerotech’s PRO Series are low cost, side seal, hard cover, ball-screw-driven linear stages available in 68 standard models with travels from 50 to 1,500 mm. Their rugged design makes them ideal for demanding industrial environments. A wide variety of travels, widths, speeds, and load capabilities allow you to choose a stage perfectly tailored to your application.

The PRO Series features a robust, hard-cover design for protection from debris, while side-seals keep dirt and particulates out of the stage and protect the bearing surfaces from contamination. Aerotech’s unique vertical side-seal design easily deflects debris away from the stage - competitive top-seal designs can ingest debris in the seal, resulting in the eventual failure and replacement of the sealing mechanism. The tabletop can be outfitted with an optional brush assembly to remove any particles that collect on the hard cover.

Models are available with either a 5 mm/rev, 20 mm/rev, or 25 mm/rev ball screw with a matched brushless rotary servomotor to provide maximum travel speeds up to 1,400 mm/s. Specifications include ±6 μm accuracy, ±1 μm bidirectional repeatability, and 0.5 μm resolution, depending on model, ball screw, and encoder. With 68 models to choose from, the PRO Series can meet virtually any application requirements.

These modular stages easily can be combined into custom multi-axis solutions (XY, XZ, YZ, XYZ). In addition, Aerotech’s complete line of single- and multi-axis motion controllers and drives are a perfect complement and can be included to provide a turnkey system.

The PRO Series can be outfitted with English or metric bolt-hole pattern tabletops, and a brake option is available to prevent back-driving the screw when power is removed from the servomotor. A fold-back kit is also available to effectively reduce the overall stage length for space-constrained applications. PRO Series models include: PRO115, PRO115-HS, PRO165, PRO165-HS, PRO225, PRO225-HS, PRO280 and PRO280-HS.

- Edited by Liz Taurasi

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