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What Are the Production Advantages of 3D Printing & Other 3DP Questions AnsweredWhat Are the Production Advantages of 3D Printing & Other 3DP Questions Answered

3D printing has come a long way from prototyping. But could you use it to manufacture your next product? Learn the latest from experts.

DN Staff

July 7, 2023

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In the Design News webinar Does 3D Printing Bolster Manufacturing? experts from leading 3D printing companies explored the potential of using 3D printing as a means of mass production. The panel discussion featured Marty McGough, COO at 3DEO; Dr. Robin Stamp, director, solutions engineering, Velo3D; Preston Souza, additive manufacturing product manager at igus inc.; Michael Currie, chief product officer, Nexa3D; and moderator Daphne Allen, editor of Design News.

McGough, Stamp, Souza, and Currie answered a few questions for Design News after the event. Please click through our slideshow to read all the answers. To watch the webinar on demand for even more insights and discussion, please register here

Here are a few questions the experts answered:

  • What can you tell us about the evolution of additive manufacturing?

  • When we look at 3D printing as a bona fide manufacturing method—and not just for prototyping—how do material properties play into that, specifically when we think about control and repeatability?

  • What are some production advantages 3D printing provides in comparison to traditional production methods?

  • What qualities in additive manufacturing materials support production use?

  • What resin 3D printing materials are suitable for functional end-use parts?

  • And more questions!

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