Update: The Best Things to Come Out of a 3D Printer

Lauren Muskett

September 20, 2013

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Update: The Best Things to Come Out of a 3D Printer

It seems as if everything these days is being 3D printed. We have seen many different items -- bathing suits, shoes, and even guns and cars -- 3D printed and it is truly transforming how we are making things.

With the price of 3D printers coming down, more people will be able to bring them into their home and really start experimenting. The amount of things that we can create with 3D printers looks to be limitless. Even NASA recently said that it is experimenting with 3D printing to make space parts.

Some of our favorite 3D printed items we have discovered over the years are KOR EcoLogic and Stratasys' energy-efficient Urbee car, LayerWise's jaw that was used in a transplant, and Stratasys' dress that was featured on the Paris runway.

We have also come across some new creations that are quickly becoming favorites. These include Autodesk and Stratasys's audio speakers embedded with LED lights to create a light show, iPhone cases, and Nike's lightweight Vapor Laser Talon cleats.

Click below to start the slideshow of some our favorite 3D-printed creations. This is a sampling; we know there are many amazing things being done, that we have not included. Please tell us about them in the comments section below.


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