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Into Space with a 95% 3DP RocketInto Space with a 95% 3DP Rocket

Aerospace companies are using 3D printing for space rides. Relativity Space wants to take off in a 95% 3DP rocket.

Rob Spiegel

October 11, 2023

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3D printed rocket
Realitivity Space

Relativity Space has already sent an 85% 3D-printed rocket beyond Earth’s atmosphere. The company promises to take the percentage to nearly 100%. Here are a couple of videos that will catch you up on the reasons for 3D printing rockets and the progress companies like Relativity Space are making on the goal.

As with most 3D-printed advances, the catch is in the materials. Relativity Space used its proprietary aluminum and NASA’s alloy of copper, chromium, and niobium.

These two videos say it all. The first one is background on 3D printing headed for space. The next one is Relativity Space’s tribute to the launch of its Terran 1 rocket.




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