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Gastro-technology – 3D Printed Fake Steak and Chocolate

3D printing is making inroads into food production. Two traction points are imitation meat and designer chocolate.

Rob Spiegel

January 10, 2022

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While 3D printed food is not new – we produced 3D printed pancakes at a trade show a few years back – the technology is revealing surprising advances. Two areas of promise, even maturity, show up in the world of plant-based meat production and chocolate that can be drawn in special shapes.

Fake Meat Gets Real

The world of imitation meat has gained significant culinary interest in recent years, with the Impossible Burger offering an uncanny resemblance to hamburger. 3D printed fake meat may take this effort into higher realms of imitation.

Chocolate in Your Face

3D printed chocolate has traveled far from its experimental roots. These days you can order specially made chocolate objects. Years ago, MIT research associate David Carr created a 3D printer called the Eat Your Face Machine which takes a model of your face and carves it into chocolate. These days several companies offer that service. This video shows the range of possibilities for 3D printed chocolate:


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Rob Spiegel

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