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Busting 3D Printing Myths About Speed and Accuracy

3DP revolutionalized some sectors of manufacturing – but the 3DP industry sometimes propagates myths. Let’s puncture those myths.

Rob Spiegel

August 8, 2022

Let’s take a look at some of the speed and accuracy claims regarding 3D printing. In this video, Robert Lent, VP and founder at Vision Miner, and Cole McHone, an additive engineer at Vision Miner examine the hype versus the reality.

Your printer says it goes 300 mm/s but does it actually reach that speed and how often does it hit the claimed speed? Lent and McHone break down what exactly these two terms mean and how you should take both speed and accuracy with a grain of salt when looking at printer specs.


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Rob Spiegel

Rob Spiegel has served as senior editor at Electronic News and Ecommerce Business, covering the electronics industry and Internet technology. He has served as a contributing editor at Automation World and Supply Chain Management Review. Rob has contributed to Design News for 10 years.

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