Design News Radio Explores 3D CAD & Visualization

Tim Votapka

February 16, 2012

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Design News Radio Explores 3D CAD & Visualization

If you want an insightful look into how companies are using 3D CAD modeling as a collaborative tool across the design and development process, then join us on Design News Radio on Thursday, Feb. 23, at 2:00 p.m. EST.

"3D CAD & Visualization" (register here) will consist of a live, streaming audio and online chat with David Prawel, president and principal of Longview Advisors Inc. Prawel is a 25-year veteran of the manufacturing software business. As a speaker and consultant, he travels the globe to provide insight and advice about digital product development, process improvement, and commercialization. He has published dozens of articles covering 3D CAD, product development and innovation, visualization and collaboration, interoperability, deployment, and product lifecycle management.

As Prawel puts it, the tool itself isn't as critical as the processes that are used around it. So you can expect to hear some very interesting input on the impact 3D CAD modeling has had on new product design cycles and the productivity of the organizations that have embraced it.

The Internet radio show will take place in the first half-hour. During our interview, you'll be able to type your questions for Prawel via an instant chat window. We'll work some of those questions into our live discussion. At the half-hour mark, the radio portion will end, and Prawel will engage listeners via the instant chat for an additional 30 minutes.

We invite you to register for "3D CAD & Visualization" here. We hope you enjoy the broadcast.

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