Cabe Atwell

August 12, 2014

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Amazon’s Custom 3D Printer Store

Amazon is on the 3D printing front and ready to revolutionize the way customers can purchase anything from home goods and toys to jewelry. While 3D printing enthusiasts are busy creating and modifying printers for their personal use, Amazon is linking professional printers with customers for a fully customizable shopping experience.

You can choose from more than 200 designs at the Amazon 3D printing store. Each design offers varying levels of customization, which depends on the printer. Some printers may enable you to change the design and style of a product before purchase. Others may allow you only to change the color. However, this doesn't make Amazon's 3D printing store any less cool.


Before this, the general public would have to buy and build their own 3D printer or design and order one at a great cost or in bulk from a third party. Some consumers might still pay the price for the ability to customize 3D-printed designs, but having 3D printers on one platform inspires competitive pricing.

In fact, the price of fully customizable products on the Amazon 3D store are already pretty reasonable. For instance, you can create your own bobblehead for $29.99. The range of products offered is pretty impressive -- 3D-printed toys, games, homewares, jewelry, and electronics. Some of the printed objects are very practical, reasonably priced, and fully customizable. Other products, particularly in the home department, are artistic and pricey.

It seems like the Amazon 3D printing store is really opening up a new trend in the market. Now anyone can buy and customize 3D prints with the click of a few buttons -- without any experience and without leaving the house.

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