The Key to 3DP Mass Customization Is Materials and Hardware

Advances in 3D printing hardware and new materials have made it possible to create individualized products using mass production techniques.

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June 2, 2022

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The promise of mass customization goes back three or four decades. The essential goal is to use mass-production methods to make individual, customized products. This Holy Grail goal has become a reality with 3D Printing production methods. The tools that unlock these possibilities come from newly developed materials and advances in 3D Printing hardware.

Design News will present a free webinar,  The Materials & Hardware Making 3DP Mass Customization Possible on June 15 at 2:00 pm Eastern. The webinar will run 60 minutes and it will be available on-demand once the webinar is completed. The webinar is sponsored by Formlabs.

The Webinar Will Explore:

  • The 3DP shift from prototyping to production

  • The promise is mass customization -- 3DP is the answer

  • New materials pave the way

  • Advanced hardware makes mass customization a reality

Meet Our Speakers:



Alex McCarthy, materials scientist at Formlabs

Alex McCarthy will handle the topic of materials and their role in mass customization. McCarthy is an experienced materials scientist at Formlabs with a demonstrated history of developing 3D printing photopolymer formulations. McCarthy has a Bachelor's degree focused in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Material Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Derek Vilim, hardware product manager at Formlabs

Handling the topic of advanced 3D printing hard will is Derek Vilim. He is a hardware product manager at Formlabs. Vilim has a Masters of Science in Product Design Engineering from the University of Glasgow.

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