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1999 New Products Bonanza

Article-1999 New Products Bonanza

1999 New Products Bonanza

The New Products Bonanza rounds up the newest and most innovative technolgies that the engineering world has to offer. Design News invited manufacturers from across the country to submit their most important new offerings, presented in this section. Look for a variety of products to help you improvide the performance, lower the cost, and improve the quality of your designs.


Linear guide

Dolphin Guides are based on a one-piece aluminum extrusion, ceramic-coated to provide a hard (RC70), corrosion-resistant running surface. The load capacity of the guide is 1500 lb at speeds up to 300 ft/min without lubrication. Standard lengths are up to 48 inches, with maximum lengths up to 12 ft available. Guides can be fitted with a ball screw, belt drive, lead screw, or cylinder with repeatability down to .0002 inch.

Pacific Bearing, 6402 Rockton Rd., Roscoe, IL 61073; FAX (815) 389-5790.

Bearing seal

The oil seal/bearing isolator withstands a differential pressure of 20 psi and shaft velocity of 3,000 ft/min (15 m/sec). Seal has a stainless-steel rotor, while the stator can be made of any material that meets the conditions of service. A replaceable sealing insert is made of a PTFE derivative. Applications include worm gears, shaft-mounted gears, cooling towers gearboxes, and vertical pumping arrangements.

INPRO/SEAL Co., 3407 78th Ave. W., Rock Island, IL 61201; FAX (309) 787 6114.

Linear stage

The Impulse 50 linear servo motor stage measures 40-mm high 3 3 126-mm wide. Sinusoidally commutated linear motors and high-resolution encoders provide up to 5g acceleration, speeds up to 2.5 m/sec, and resolution down to 100 nM. Standard travels range from 50 to 500 mm. Applications include life science, photonics, semiconductor, and disk positioning equipment.

NEAT, 620 Essex St., Lawerence, MA 01841; FAX (978) 688-8027.

Flange detecting system

Optical flange detecting system scans side edges of take-up spool and signals pneumatic controller and reversal device, triggering precise reversal of a traversing mechanism. According to the manufacturer, system eliminates winding and spooling problems due to warped or uneven take-up spool flanges. Components include optical sensor, electro-pneumatic PLC, and mounting hardware and software.

AMACOIL, Box 2228, Aston, PA 19014; FAX (610) 485-2357.

Cantilever slides

Series EC electric cantilever slides provide programmable, multiple position linear movement. Cantilever design provides clearance of unit from parts or surrounding equipment. Slides are available in travel lengths up to 24 inches (610 mm) and can be used independently or with other actuators using standard transition plates to create a multi-axis configuration.

PHD, Box 9070, Fort Wayne, IN 46899; FAX (219) 747-6754.

Voltage monitor

Three-phase voltage monitor is encapsulated in a compact 2 3 2 inch (50.4 mm) surface-mountable package. Electrical con-nections are made via 0.25 inch (6.35 mm) quick connect terminals. The devices may also be mounted to 35-mm DIN rail with an adapter. Microcomputer circuit design senses under- and over-voltages, voltage unbalance, phase loss, and phase reversal. Trip delay prevents nuisance tripping.

SSAC, Box 1000, Baldwinsville, NY 13027; FAX (315) 638-0333.

Gear drive

The QUANTIS In-Line Helical (ILH) gearmotor features output torque ratings up to 123,914 lb-inch. Input power ranges from 0.25 to 75 hp (0.18 to 55 kW). The gearmotor is available in 50- or 60-hz ratings with an optional direct-acting, spring-loaded brake up to 180 ft-lb torque. Delivers efficiency ratings up to 97%.

Rockwell Automation, 6040 Ponders Court, Greenville, SC 29615; FAX (864) 281-2433.

Digital network

ServoWire Drive network uses open standard IEEE-1394 to create a 200 Mbps, digital network for industrial servo control. Eight servodrives/servomotors can be controlled at a 4 KHz update rate. Additional bandwidth available to simultaneously process communications including high-speed sensors and programmable limit switches. Network provides bandwidth for precise electronic gearing, electronic cams, and profiling for a wide variety of multi-axis control applications.

Ormec, 19 Linden Park, Rochester, NY 14625; FAX (715) 385-5999.

Brushless two-wire motors

Motor/amplifier combination features an integrated, two-wire brushless design for ease of assembly and high reliability, says the company. The two-wire design allows full servo performance, while eliminating deadband, reducing eight wires to two. Intregated commutation allows usage off standard battery voltage. Typical applications include electric vehicles, power steering, pumps, blowers, and coolant pumps.

Bayside, 27 Seaview Blvd., Port Washington, NY 11050; FAX (516) 484-5496.

Cam follower

HexlubeTM cam follower allows for relubrication through a hexagonal head and is available in sizes with an outside diameter ranging from 0.75 to 7 inches. Both standard and heavy studs are available, and the follower comes in both an eccentric and crowned design. Applications include automation and production equipment, bottling and canning, printing machinery, material handling, construction equipment, transfer lines, food processing, and packaging.

RBC Bearings, 400 Sullivan Way, West Trenton, NJ 08628; FAX (609) 882-5533.

Planetary speed reducer

Commercial-grade planetary speed reducer fills the price/performance gap between servo type reducers and standard commercial duty reducers. According to the manufacturer, the unit offers higher torques and less backlash than standard, parallel shaft reducers.

Groschopp, 420 15th St. N.E., Sioux Center, IA 51250; FAX (712) 722-1445.

PCI card

The PPMC750 Processor PCI mezzanine card creates a macro component that offers OEMs a standard module to customize and upgrade systems. Designed to serve as the host or slave microprocessor, it expands design options for a range of applications. The microprocessor features a 64-bit PCI host bridge and a 72-bit ECC memory controller with a 100 MHz SDRAM memory interface.

Motorola, 2900 S. Diablo Way, Tempe, AZ 85282; FAX (602) 438-3518.

Linear actuator

The Series 92200 bi-directional digital linear actuator (DLA) provides liner resolution to 0.001 inch/pulse. The DLA is a modified rotary stepper motor with a rotor that includes an internally molded thread mating to an externally threaded shaft. Rotary motion is converted to linear movement, with the travel per step determined by the pitch of the lead screw and step angle of the motor. Unit weighs 7 oz (198 g) with a maximum linear force of 75 oz.

Thomson Industries, Port Washington, NY 11050; FAX (516) 883-9039.

Motion control system

Model TI-5000 motion control diagnostic system tests serial encoders and high-resolution, high-speed incremental encoders. The system connects to a COM1 or COM2 PC serial port, with a PC operator interface program that runs under DOS and Microsoft Word. Model TI-5000 displays encoder counts, line states, count rates, phase angles, and operator prompts.

Mitchell Electronics, Box 2626, Athens, OH 45701.

Servo motor coupling

The X Series single piece coupling features high torsional stiffness, low radial loads, one-piece integrity, and zero backlash, says the company. A substantial parallel misalignment capability reduces the need for high-precision alignment during assembly operations. Applications include high-performance motion control systems.

Helical Products, 901 W. McCoy Lane, Santa Maria, CA 93455; FAX (805) 928-2369.

Spherical bearings

Duralon(R) self-aligning spher-ical composite bearings consist of a woven Teflon(R) fabric liner backed by a casing of filament-wound fiberglass and epoxy resin. Sizes range from 0.25 to 22 inches, with operating temperatures from -65 to 325F. Bearings are USDA-approved for non-contact and have a MAPTIS 01660 toxicity testing "K" rating and TVS test "A" rating.

Rexnord, Downers Grove, IL 60515; FAX (630) 969-8752.

Cable carrier

Rol-E-Chain cable carrier, which integrates polyurethane rollers directly into the carrier design, achieves 2,600-ft travels and speeds up to 32.8 ft/sec. This design reduces the power needed to move the carrier and cable/hose package by 75%, says the manufacturer. Applications include cranes (indoor and outdoor), sports cameras, and gantry robots.

igus, Box 14349, East Providence, RI 02914; FAX (401) 438-7270.

Motion controller

The Model 7700 Carrier Board, a mezzanine-style motion controller, provides sockets for two IP modules that can be used to incorporate motion control, encoder interfacing, and other applications onto a single board. The board provides full data access to the IP module's I/O, ID, and memory spaces. In addition, the board provides individually isolated and filtered 5, 12, and -12V dc power lines to each IP module for field I/O signals, plug-and-play configuration, and interrupt support. Development kit available to aid application integration.

Technology 80, 658 Mendelssohn Ave N., Minneapolis, MN 55427; FAX (612) 542-9785.

Servo coupling

Smartflex(R) servo coupling consists of a steel bellows clamped on shaft bushings by clamp collars. According to the manufacturer, this modular design reduces both cost and delivery time and simplifies installation and assembly. The coupling also provides high torsional rigidity, low inertia, and increased misalignment capacity. The unit is available in shaft diameters ranging from 11 to 50 mm and torque capacities to 200 Nm.

Mayr, 4 North St., Waldwick, NJ 07463; FAX (201) 445-8019.

Harmonic drive gearheads

The PSA 8 and PSA 10 harmonic drive gearheads consist of lubricated, sealed, all-stainless-steel construction. Maximum radial shaft loading of the PSA-8 gearhead is 45 lb and for the PSA-10 gearhead is 60 lb. Axial loading is 20 and 45 lb, respectively. Standard gear ratios are 80:1 and 100:1 for the PSA-8 and 80:1 for the PSA-10. Applications include aerospace, robotics, indexing tables, medical equipment, and processing operations.

Harmonic Drive Technologies, 247 Lynnfield St., Peabody, MA 01960; FAX (978) 532-9406..

Servo controller

ServoLoc 2 is a fully digital servo controller that controls the velocity/torque of a brushless dc servo motor or brush-type dc servo motor. Controller is configurable to operate in sinusoidal or trape-zoidal output current mode, ac or dc power input, and resolver or encoder/Hall feedback. Input power is 80 to 230V ac single phase or 3 phase or 100 to 350V dc.

Introl Design, 48 North St., Lockport, NY 14094; FAX (716) 434-1911.

Test, Measurement & Control

Serial link

MXI-3 is a high-speed serial link for adding I/O slots to PCs and PXI/Compact PCI systems. Capable of extending slots up to 200m away with its fiber optic cable, MXI-3 delivers data transfers of 100 Mbytes/sec and is completely transparent. The system eliminates the need for an embedded computer to control PXI/Compact PCI and reduce overall system costs. Users can choose a long-distance fiber optic cable, which extends a single interconnect up to 200m without repeaters and is immune to electromagnetic interference, or a small copper cable for shorter distance bus extension.

National Instruments, 11500 North Mopac Expwy., Austin, TX 78759; FAX (512) 794-5759.

Temperature devices

Two products, a Model TC6 six-channel thermocouple meter and a three-channel TM3 thermistor meter, both in the PCMCIA format, help any computer running Windows to become a temperature measurement system. Each device captures temperature data and logs the results as either digital readouts, graphics, or tables. Both the TC6 and TM3 plug into a Type II PC card slot. The TC6 monitors up to six thermocouple channels at a rate of up to one sample per second. The TM3 can collect two samples per second with a resistance range of 0 to 1V and offers a resolution of 0.1C. Maximum power consumption rates for these devices are less than 10 milliamperes.

Nomadics, 1730 Cimarron Plaza, Stillwater, OK 74076; FAX (405) 372-9537.

Redundancy manager

RM-1 redundancy manager automatically supervises an Ethernet redundant ring structure and detects and bypasses network faults within 300 ms of their occurrence. The unit provides eight twisted-pair ports on 10 Base-T with shielded RJ45 connectors to connect operator stations, PLCs, I/O blocks, or other twisted pair inputs. In addition, the unit also features two free slots for 100 Mbit modules or fiber optic links. If 100 Mbit modules are used, the user may select between 100 Base-TX or 100 Base-FX. The unit, built on a fully front-accessible 19-inch chassis, is targeted for control rooms or standard rack mounts, and operates on 24V dc.

Hirschmann Inc., 30 Hook Mountain Rd., Pine Brook, NJ 07058; FAX (973) 830-1470.

Sensor kits

Piezoelectric pressure sensor kits combine a pressure sensor, signal conditioner, cabling, and accessories in one case. The kit features a 112A22 high sensitivity dynamic pressure sensor with a CE-marked 480C02 battery-powered signal conditioner. The sensor has high output of 100 mV/psi and high resolution of 0.001 psi, targeting it for measuring acoustic turbulence or fluid pulsations. The handheld, battery powered signal con-ditioner provides uninterrupted output for 50 hours of operation. This kit is for portable diagnostic testing in pipes, turbines, compressors, and other equipment. Sensor kits are available with a variety of sensors and signal conditioning options, including: battery or line power, built-in gain, and ac/dc coupling.

PCB Piezotronics, 3425 Walden Ave., Depew, NY 14043.

Impact tester

Dynatup Mini-Tower is a low-force impact or puncture tester. This compact, tabletop system can test plastics, thin films, small components, composites, metals, and ceramics. The Mini-Tower features a Windows-based 930-I data acquisition system for acquiring data and obtaining results. The software system allows for quick graphic display of load, energy, velocity, time, or deflectionwithin seconds of a testso that a material's ability to withstand impact damage can be measured as experienced in actual use.

Instron Corp., 100 Royall St., Canton, MA 02021; FAX (781) 575-5725.


Orbis XE CCD camera for applications requiring low noise and high frame can incorporate a variety of sensors to produce very low, dark current, high quantum efficiency, and enhanced near-UV response for greater signal-to-noise performance. CCD sensors range from 600 3 500 to 4 3 4K pixels, with noise floors as low as 5 e-. Frame rates of >100 fps can be achieved. A/D resolution is offered in both 12- and 16-bits. Applications include fluorescence and spectroscopy, as well as LCD flat panel display inspection and medical imaging.

SpectraSource Instruments, Suite 114, Westlake Village, CA 91362; FAX (818) 707-9035.

Automated fluxmeter

Model 480 fluxmeter fits into manual or fully automated test and measurement systems. The unit works with sensing coils to measure changing flux and displays dc measurements with 5 3/4 digits of resolution. With a peak response of up to 2 mus, both positive and negative peak can be captured and displayed simultaneously from a single pulse. The unit is capable of making low drift ac field measurements with a frequency response of 2 Hz to 50 kHz. Coils wound by the user as well as those from other manufacturers can be used. Model 480 allows users to save parameters for up to 10 existing coils/probes and quickly switch between them.

Lake Shore Cryotronics, 575 McCorkle Blvd., Westerville, OH 43082; FAX (614) 891-1392.

Gaussmeter probe

Model 6010 ultrathin gaussmeter probe uses a small Hall effect sensor to make magnetic field measurements on dc magnetic fields from 0 to 30 kG with a linearity accuracy of 0.5%. The probe enables accurate location and measurement of the center of highly concentrated fields and magnetic domains. The Model 6010 probe allows measurement of small apertures and air gaps. Applications include loudspeaker voice coil inspection, point source measurements, multi-poled magnetic, miniature magnet inspection, thin air-gap assemblies, and environmental measurements.

F.W. Bell Technologies Inc., 6120 Hanging Moss Rd., Orlando, FL 32807; FAX (407) 677-5765.

Waveform generator

DBS 2050 is a 2.0 GS/sec arbitrary waveform generator, which can be configured for disk drive/mass storage, 100 Base T, and avionics testing. Using one channel, the DBS 2050 has a maximum sample rate of 2.0 GS/sec with an analog bandwidth of greater than 850 MHz, at 0.5V p-p, and 8-bit vertical resolution. The generator houses a high-precision clock synthesizer that can be phase-locked to an internal low jitter, minimal drift reference clock or to an external signal and programmed over a range of 1 kS/sec to 2.0 Gs/sec. The unit has three program-selectable output filters with cut-off frequencies of 2, 20, and 200 MHz.

Analogic Corp., 8 Centennial Dr., Peabody, MA 01960; FAX (978) 977-6814.

Data acquisition system

LogBook 360 is a high-speed, portable PC-based data acquisition system that contains three internal slots for signal condition-ing cards. The 16-bit, 100-kHz system offers multiple channels in a compact package. The basic unit includes 16 single-ended or 8 differential analog input channels, 24 general-purpose digital I/O lines, 16 dedicated digital in-puts, 4 frequency/pulse counters, 2 frequency/pulse generator outputs, and 4 op-tional analog outputs. The unit contains a 486 processor and executes programs and stores data using off-the-shelf removable PC cards. The LogBook 360's drawer style architecture supports up to three DBK cards for expansion up to 192 digital I/O lines.

Iotech Inc., 25971 Cannon Rd., Cleveland, OH 44146; FAX (440) 439-4093.

Optical sensor

TP30 uses non-invasive optical sensor technology instead of thermocouples to make temperature measurements. The device can measure inlet gas combustion temperatures for industrial turbines operating at up to 1,600C. Digital or analog outputs from the TP30 sensor can be incorporated into a closed loop combustion configuration for either control or alarm operation. The sensor measures the IR emissions of the hot gases inside the turbine's combustion zone over several wavelengths and calculates the temperature along the optical path of those emissions by comparing those measurements to predetermined data.

AMETEK Power and Industrial Products, 50 Fordham Rd., Wilmington, MA 01887; FAX (978) 988-4179.


Model SM902 30-mm ultrasonic sensors are configured to users' dual-level or dual-setpoint control sensing requirements. The SM902 sensor series perform either dual-level pump-in or pump-out, on/off latch, and dual setpoint control functions with a variety of output types, response times, and sensing ranges. With a short, 2-inch deadband and a small threaded housing, the sensor can be installed in vessel covers and other hard-to-mount areas. A pushbutton is used to quickly set up the sensor's near and far control limits for operation within sensing ranges of up to 2m. Applications include starting and stopping a pump and opening and closing a valve to control liquid and granular material levels in tanks, hoppers, and reservoirs.

Hyde Park Electronics Inc., 1875 Founders Dr., Dayton, OH 45420; FAX (937) 258-5830.

Ohm meters

Megaohmmeter Models 1030, 1040, and 1045 are multiple voltage insulation, resistance, and continuity meters. Test voltage combinations range from 250, 500, and 1,000V. Insulation measurements can be taken up to 2,000V. These units feature a multi-line 4,000-count backlit digital display and analog bargraph, over-molded slip-proof rugged case, built-in auto-ranging ac/dc 600V default voltmeters and warnings, automatic discharge, and alarm and timer functions.

Aemc Instruments, 99 Chauncey St., Boston, MA 02111; FAX 617-423-2952.

Multiport connectors

KF42-E15S/S-A4N is a multiport, 15-pin, high-density, ferrite female stacked connector that suppresses EMI/RFI transmissions without need for a separate filter. The stamped socket pins are phosphor bronze for superior contact retention and the body is PBT thermoplastic and UL 94V-0 rated. Mounting options include riveted threaded inserts, 4-40 Hex jack screws, and board locks. KF42-E15S/S-A4N has an overall height of 31.6 mm and a standard center to center distance of 0.75 mm. The connector is targeted for computer peripheral, data processing, and telecommunication applications.

Kycon Inc., 1810 Little Orchard St., San Jose, CA 95125; FAX (408) 494-0325.

Portable microscopes

Portable stand microscopes provide high-power magnification factors from 25 to 100x. These microscopes' optics and precision fine focusing mechanism provide distortion-free images at high magnify-ing power. In addition to their use as aregular microscope, these units will measure both the size and depth of a viewed item in increments as small as one thousandth of an inch. The microscopes are constructed of aluminum with clear acrylic bases to permit light entry, and have rub-ber eye pieces. Their overall size is 1.63 inches in diameter and 4.80 inches high. Units are available for both English and metric measurements.

GEI International Inc., 100 Ball St., Syracuse, NY 13217; FAX (315) 463-9034.

Digital indicators

Logic Basic digital indicators feature incremental measuring mode, inch/metric display conversion, English or Metric readings, and user-selectable resolution. The Logic Plus series adds freeze/display reading and lock and high/low value differential displays to the Basic series' features. User selectable or user programmable features are also provided. Options such as special measuring ratios and customized LCDs and graphics can be combined with the Logic Basic and Plus series. A third, Logic OEM series allows the customer to define a gauge.

Chicago Dial Indicator, 1372 Redeker, Des Plaines, IL 60016; FAX (847) 827-0478.

Test station

HP E8285A is a code domain multiple access (CDMA)/personal communications services (PCS) test set for testing cellular and mobile phones. It is small, providing rack space savings, and light weight. The system employs a new microprocessor and improved measurement algorithms to test 10% faster than previous generation instruments from the same manufacturer. HP E8285A concurrently measures CDMA transmitter and receiver signals. Call control buttons automatically handle the complex, over-the-air processing required to make CDMA or analog phone calls. The test set supports hard handoffs between RF channels, so that once a CDMA call is established, the link is maintained while CDMA tests are performed on each channel. Point-of-Service test software can be used to access and control the CDMA test set through a Windows interface, allowing technicians to test mobile phones at service outlets.

Hewlett-Packard-Test and Measurement Div., 5301 Stevens Creek, Santa Clara, CA 95052.

Instrument peripheral

LapScope intelligent field instrument is a plug-and-play instrument peripheral to a laptop computer. The instrument enables users to combine the computing, displaying, and communicating power of their existing laptop computers with the high-performance signal acquisition and digital oscilloscope (DSO) capabilities of the company's products.

Gage Applied Science Inc., 1233 Shelburne Rd., Suite 400, South Burlington, VT 05403; FAX (800) 780-8411.

Inspection kit

Ball screw inspection kit measures concentricity, shoulder perpendicularity, screw straightness, flange perpendicularity, and wear. For on-site ball screw inspections, the kit contains all the necessary V-blocks, gauge blocks, and dial indicators for testing a range of ball screw assemblies. Regular on- or off-machine inspection can be done quickly and will accurately predict the remaining life of a ball screw, or determine if it needs repair or replacement. The kit is for use in preventive maintenance inspection, quality control, and performance evaluation.

Thompson Saginaw, 628 N. Hamilton St., Saginaw, MI 48602; FAX (517) 776-3632.

Pattern generator

Designed to test both PC and MAC monitors, the Model 1280A computer monitor pattern generator is made for use by service technicians in bench-top test or multiple monitor burn-in applications. The unit evaluates the operating condition and alignment of a computer monitor and allows internal or external performance adjustments. Model 1280A enables operational and evaluation tests using crosshatch or dot patterns; color bars; and window and raster patterns in red, green, blue, black, and white. The crosshatch or dot patterns may be used to evaluate the static and dynamic convergence, linearity, and pin cushion settings. Color bars test the monitor's ability to produce proper colors. Raster is used to check the purity of the primary colors. Setting the Auto/Manual Switch to AUTO allows the output to automatically cycle through all patterns. The unit is packaged in a 3 1/8 x 9 7/16 x 9 1/4-inch bench-top enclosure and can test CGA, EGA, VGA, SVGA, and MAC monitors.

BK Precision, 1031 Segovia Circle, Placentia, CA 92870; FAX (714) 237-9214.

Temperature/process controllers

CN1632 Series temperature/process controllers include large, multi-colored LEDs that indicate process deviation, instrument operating mode, and alarm conditions to identify the status of the process at all times. The high-visibility, four-digit display is available in red or green. A PID turning algorithm provides general control. Standard features include universal inputs that accept thermocouple, RTD, voltage, or current inputs. Optional features include RS-485 MODBUS communications with up to 128 units.

OMEGA Engineering, Box 4047, Stamford, CT 06907; FAX (203) 359-7700.

Monitoring system

BioGeorge is an on-line system for real time, on-line monitoring of biofilm activity and corrosion in plant piping and heat exchanger tubes. The system, which consists of a probe, integrated electronics package, and interconnecting cable, monitors for microbiologically influenced corrosion, biofouling, and biocide effectiveness. The device monitors biofilm activity on the probe surface. Biofilm formation occurs more rapidly on the probe than on plant piping or heat exchanger tubes. As a result, maintaining the probe in a clean condition assures that the pipe work and heat exchangers are clean. Probe status is indicated by an LED display in the integrated electronics enclosure.

Structural Integrity Assoc. Inc., 3315 Almaden Expwy., Suite 24, San Jose, CA 95118; FAX (408) 978-8964.

Rotary controls

Analog, digital, and digital-analog position indicators precisely control a range of mechanical movements. Users can choose from three styles. Gravity-controlled indicators are used on horizontal shafts. Their pointers move while the dial remains stationary due to the effects of gravity. Direct-drive indicators are directly linked to the control shaft, and can be used with the shaft in any position. Positive drive indicators work with the shaft in any position. The pointer moves when turned, but the dial remains stationary since it is attached to an anchor pin on the machine.

ELESA U.S.A. Corp., 2095 Midway Dr., Twinsburg, OH 44087; FAX (330) 963-7468.

Plastics, Metals & Other Materials

Conductive urethanes

DurethaneTM C is a machinable, solid thermoset polyurethane that can be formulated in many conductivity and durometer ranges. Standard shapes include: sheet up to 4 3 48 inches, bars up to 4 3 4 3 48 inches, and rods up to 6 inches in diameter and 36 inches long. Durometers range from 10 Shore A to 85 Shore D. Conductivity/volume resistivity of E8 and E9 ohm-cm are available in standard shapes, with custom shapes available in a wider range of resistivity choices. Applications include business machine, paper handling, or other uses where electrostatic dissipation is required.

Mearthane Products Corp., 16 Western Industrial Dr., Cranston, RI 02921; FAX (401) 943-8210.

Heat-shrinkable polyolefin

Flexible, radiation-cross-linked tubing comes in a range of sizes, wall thicknesses, and styles. The tubing features a 2:1, 3:1, or 4:1 shrink ratio for creating a smooth, tight-fitting insulation or jacket or for bundling wire harnesses and components. Available in several colors, the tubing operates at up to 135C; provides 1,300 vpm dielectric strength; and most styles meet UL VW-1, CSA, OFT, and MIL-I-23053/5 Class 1, 2, and 3 specs.

Insulation Products Corp., 2550 Wisconsin Ave., Downers Grove, IL 60515; FAX (630) 512-9607.

Metal casting

CastFormTM PS (polystyrene) allows users of Sinterstation systems to create complex investment casting patterns directly, eliminating the time and expense associated with tooling. Material performs much like foundry wax and offers a low ash content ((0.02%) to make casting with aluminum, magnesium, zinc, titanium, and other metals easier. Pattern removal is quick, and autoclaves and standard furnaces can be used in the removal process.

DTM Corp., 1611 Headway Circle Building 2, Austin, TX 78754; FAX (512) 339-0634.

Polyurethane elastomer

Polyester-based thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs) are targeted for injection-molding applications. The Elastollan(R) formulations set up quickly in the mold and are said to cycle much faster (20 to 40%) than conventional TPU products in the same hardness range. The materials come in four durometers: 80 Shore A (Elastollan M80A), 85 Shore A (Elastollan M85A), 88 Shore A (Elastollan M88A55), and 95 Shore A (Elastollan M95A55). The TPUs also resist abrasion, oil, fuels, and solvents. Polyester-based thermoplastic poly-urethanes (TPUs) are targeted for injection-molding applications. The Elastollan(R) formu-lations set up quickly in the mold and are said to cycle much faster (20 to 40%) than conventional TPU products in the same hardness range. The materials come in four durometers: 80 Shore A (Elastollan M80A), 85 Shore A (Elastollan M85A), 88 Shore A (Elastollan M88A55), and 95 Shore A (Elastollan M95A55). The TPUs also resist abrasion, oil, fuels, and solvents.

BASF Corp., TPU Technical Desk, 1609 Biddle Ave., Wyandotte, MI 48192.

Molding/extrusion compounds

ACRYLITE(R) df light-diffusing molding and extrusion compounds reportedly offer 20 to 40% more light transmittance versus pigmented products. The compounds obtain their special optical properties by incorporating spherical, high-molecular-weight polymer beads with a different refractive index into the acrylic matrix, changing the direction of light travel within the manufactured part. The compounds come in four concentra-tion levels: df20, df21, df22, and df23, and in standard S, H, M, and L grades.

CYRO Industries, Box 5055, Rockaway, NJ 07866.

Conductive adhesives

Conductive adhesives meet temperature range requirements from -55 through 150C. After cure, the bonds or seals become flexible and waterproof. Adhesives maintain a shelf life of up to six months; their consistency and high conductivity are targeted for silk screening a variety of engineering design applications.

Tecknit, 129 Dermody St., Cranford, NJ 07016; FAX (908) 272-2741.

Release coating

Permanent thermal-release coating can be applied onto tooling made of ferrous, non-ferrous, and nonmetallic materials. Plasmadize 2139 coatings are designed to replace toxic silicones and other sprayed, painted, or dipped one-time release agents. The coating comes in smooth or matte surfaces and can be repaired on-site.

General Magnaplate, 1331 U.S. Rte. 1, Linden, NJ 07036; FAX (908) 862-6110.


Alloy composition can be specified in atomic or weight percent, depending on specific requirements. The alloys can be melted under air, vacuum, or inert gas, and the range of compositions is virtually unlimited. Flake can be made by the splat-cooling process, in which a stream of molten alloy is poured on a rapidly spinning disc.

Goodfellow Corp., Berwyn, PA; FAX (800) 283-2020.


Conforma CladTM proprietary hardfacing process applies tungsten carbide onto metal substrates by infiltration brazing. The resulting clad surface offers abrasion, corrosion, and erosion resistance. A degree of ductility gives the coating added toughness. The process creates high-density cloths composed of millions of precisely size-controlled particles of tungsten carbide and engineered alloys. The cloths attach to nearly any steel surface where protection is needed, without regard to line-of sight. When brazed, the resulting cladding becomes virtually 100% dense.

Conforma Clad Inc., 501 Park East Blvd., New Albany, IN 47150; FAX (812) 094-4325.

Ceramic trim/liners

Diamonite(R) ceramic trim or liners for ball valves come in alumina, zirconia, or silicon nitride formulations. SN-100 operates in temperatures up to 1,800F (980C). Components are suited for use in corrosive, high-pressure steam, or high-temperature fluid-handling applications, including turn-valve balls, seats, bushings, thrust washers, check-valve balls, wear tubes, plugs, and plungers for valve sizes from 1/4-inch to 6 inches.

Ferro Corp., 453 W. McConkey St., Shreve, OH 44676; FAX (330) 567-2260.

Electrical insulating sheet

Thick Sheets(TM) combine electrical insulation and strength in a single material. The asbestos-free sheets come in standard color and in grades UTR, SG200, Glastherm, and TSF. Sheets are available in thicknesses up to two inches trimmed to a standard 3 3 6-ft size. They can be cut, drilled, or routed to meet size and assembly requirements. Applications include heavy-duty cable supports, such as buss ducts, locomotive components, blocking, severe-duty electrical end caps, and platen insulation.

Glastic Corp., 4321 Glenridge Rd., Cleveland, OH 44121; FAX (216) 486-1091.

Engineered plastic

Sustarin(R) H, an acetal homopolymer, has high mechanical strength and rigidity, resists wear, has a low coefficient of friction and moisture, and retains its dimensional stability. The material has a specific gravity of 1.42, a tensile strength of 10,400 psi at yield 73F, and a Rockwell hardness of R119-122. Application tempertures range from -40 to 212F. Material is FDA- and USDA-approved and comes in sheets, rods, and custom shapes and sizes. Targeted applications include food processing, beverage, chemical, medical, and automotive components.

Sustaplast Inc., 170 Rodeo Dr., Edgewood, NY 11717; FAX (516) 242-5121.

Mosisture-proof adhesive

ResbondTM 908 moisture-proof adhesive insulates and protects to 3,000F. The smooth, creamy paste cures at room temperature and will not damage or clog dispensing equipment, making it adaptable for use in high-speed production operations. Applications include: potting electronic assemblies, heat sensors, instrumentation, thermocouples, and heating elements.

Contronics Corp., 3379 Shore Pkwy., Brooklyn, NY 11235; FAX (718) 646-3028.

Polyimide plate

Pyropel HD high-purity thermoset polyimide machining stock resists high temperatures and chemical attacks. Material meets outgassing and ionic purity standards required of engineering materials used in the semiconductor, plastic processing, and fluid-handling industries. Available in 12 x 12-inch plates in thicknesses up to 1 inch.

Albany International, Box 9114, Mansfield, MA 02048; FAX (508) 337-8550.

Plating finish

Palladium/colbalt plating finish for connector contacts reportedly offers a number of processing advantages over palladium/nickel. Material is not affected by inter-ference problems associated with the copper contact and the top-plate finish. Contact and fretting corrosion resistance are said to run about the same as palla-dium nickel or hardened gold.

AMP, A Tyco International Ltd. Co., Box 3608, Harrisburg, PA 171053608; FAX (717) 986-7575.

Moisture-resistant cement

Lithium-silicate-based, moisture-resistant cement withstands 2,200F for bonding and sealing needs. TempSeal Cement No. 3 also combines proprietary fillers of very fine particles and binders blended directly in the production line. The material conducts heat and insulates electricity while providing its mechanical moisture barrier. The inorganic silicate paste is recommended for lamp assemblies, thermocouples, heating elements, and resistors.

Sauereisen, 160 Gamma Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15238; FAX (412) 963-7620.

Noise-control barriers

TUFCOTE barium sulfate-loaded vinyl or polyether urethane-based sheets provide sound attenuation levels said to be comparable to sheet lead, but without the use of hazardous lead or heavy metals. The pliable barriers offer sound reduction across the full audible spectrum. They come with pressure-sensitive adhesives or other adhesive systems for easy installation. The barriers can be combined with a number of facings and reinforcing materials to enhance their strength and environmental resistance properties.

EAR Specialty Composites, 7911 Zionsville Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46268; FAX (317) 692-3111.

Nonmetallic couplings

ChemQuik CQH quick-disconnect couplings feature a nonmetallic (PEEK or polypropylene) flow path. The couplings make instant disconnection possible during fluid transfer in semiconductor and other industries that deal with aggressive chemicals or ultra-pure water. Compact couplings have an audible click to verify a secure connection, a thumb latch

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