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Valve fills void, offers high-purity chemical delivery

Article-Valve fills void, offers high-purity chemical delivery

Valve fills void, offers high-purity chemical delivery

Anaheim, CA--Furon, a global manufacturer of engineered polymer components, has introduced the CHEMPURETM 2-inch IN-LINE valve with patent-pending rolling diaphragm technology for rapid chemical delivery.

According to Fluid Handling Product Manager Greg Sallee, "We developed this product to address the need for a high-purity large-orifice valve."

Without the option of this all-TeflonTM (PTFE) wetted valve, says Sallee, central chemical supply applications using Teflon-coated stainless-steel valves ran a risk of chemical media breaking through the PTFE coating and causing system contamination.

The valve reduces the time needed to fill tanks, allows for complete drain down, and eliminates the possibility of process contamination, says Sallee.

The valve features a Cv flow factor of 52 and is targeted for use in semiconductor chemical delivery, central chemical supply systems, chemical processing, and high-purity or corrosive chemical applications.

"By incorporating no O-ring unions, we have eliminated dead space and elastomeric contamination," says Sallee.

The valve operates at up to 80 psig forward and back pressure, and can handle fluid temperatures ranging from 5 to 100C. "The high back pressure capability ensures safe operation and reliability," Sallee says.

The valve is readily available with 11/2- and 2-inch end connections and on/off pneumatic or manual multi-turn actuation. A 3/8-inch Flare Grip(R) II purge/sampling port is also available.

Other features include no exposed metallics and visible position indication for operator safety.

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