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UV/filtration pitcher

UV/filtration pitcher

Most travelers have heard the advice: Don't drink the water when traveling overseas. But, what can you do when the spirits run out? Buy bottled water or a filter. The challenge arises when deciding which filter or bottled water to choose.

This device processes approximately 16 ounces of water in about 2.5 minutes. Simply turn the unit on and fill the top reservoir with water. While flowing through a silver-activated carbon filter and into the base reservoir, the water charge receives a 187,000 (mu)W-sec/cm(super2) UV dose.

A power converter or an external battery pack (holding eight C-size batteries) provides power to the high-intensity lamp. One battery pack will process about 75 oz/day for two weeks before the batteries need replacing. Testing for Giardia and Cryptosporidium are still in the works.

John Ferlin, Tri-H2O Co., 100 North Hill Dr., Unit #1, Brisbane, CA 94005; FAX: (415) 468-2756.

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