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TURCK's BL67 EtherNet/IP Programmable Gateway with DeviceNet Subnet

TURCK's BL67 EtherNet/IP Programmable Gateway with DeviceNet Subnet

Turck's BL67 EtherNet/IP programmable gateways perform local or distributed control functions and are now equipped with the technology to control a DeviceNet sub-networks. These devices provide all of the functionality associated with the IP67 rated BL67 system, including managing the local I/O, while also being able to be the master on the DeviceNet network and making the data available to the Ethernet network. These system allow users to bridge the gap between a control layer and a data layer while also expanding the I/O directly on the Ethernet network. The TURCK modules work as gateways between EtherNet/IP and DeviceNet. A complete DeviceNet network with up to 63 standard nodes can be connected to the EtherNet/IP network. This provides users that have invested in a DeviceNet infrastructure but would like to migrate to Ethernet with a new option. I/O-ASSISTANT project planning software on FDT/DTM is available for configuration, parameterization, set-up support, diagnostics, documentation, etc.; the entire DeviceNet configuration is setup with just the touch of a button. This product allows users of new or existing device level networks to bridge the gap with Ethernet. The modular I/O solution of BL67 provides the ability to mix and match the specific I/O needs at the EIP level, while providing an integrated DeviceNet Master to manage the network below. In addition, the BL67 PG is programmable and can perform local control that provides users with a local or network control system. This product makes migration from a DeviceNet network a cost effective option as well as providing the best of both worlds for a new installation.

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