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Tri-Tronics' SMARTEYE® ColorWiseTM

Article-Tri-Tronics' SMARTEYE® ColorWiseTM

Tri-Tronics' SMARTEYE® ColorWiseTM

The SMARTEYEA(R) ColorWiseTM is a true color sensor that can detect color-to-color differences and slight shade-to-shade intensity differences as well. The sensor features include four digital channel outputs, three 0-5V dc analog outputs, four-Channel Monitor for At-A-Glance visual verification, and either six foot 14-wire cable or six inch pigtail with 14-Pin A.25 turn locking connector. It can be used to sort products by color, to inspect and verify quality of color, and to verify proper mix of chemicals for color in paints, dies, and food products. This unique sensor can be used to replace expensive color cameras and color spectrometers. The SMARTEYEA(R) ColorWiseTM solves many color applications for far less dollars than a human resource, color camera, similar color sensor, or color higher speeds, and with just as much accuracy as these higher priced devices. The sensor was developed with the engineer in mind...providing many ways to tailor the sensor to the application solution. One can tweak the tolerance, light intensity, speed of response, and timers to get just the right mix of features to solve even the toughest color problems. With automobile, packaging, and plastic manufactures using colorful designs, we provided an excellent solution in one nice package. The SMARTEYEA(R) ColorWiseTM enables the user to change outputs from NPN to PNP by a menu selection. This feature allows the customer the ability to interface the sensor with many different control devices. Also, having the Light Intensity adjustment removes glare from the equation, which is a big issue with color sensing, and as a secondary benefit, this feature can extend the life of the LED light source. Being able to change the sensor from High Resolution to High Speed provides the best performance for whatever is more important in the application ... speed, or fine levels of color detection.

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