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Tolomatic's IMA Integrated Motor Actuator

Tolomatic's IMA Integrated Motor Actuator

The IMA is a rod-style electric actuator with an integrated servo motor. Motor windings are rated for 230 or 460V and are potted directly into the actuator housing. The actuator is capable of up to 2000lbs of peak thrust for ball screw versions and up to 3300 lbs of peak thrust for roller screw versions. The IMA, with its high and repeatable force, long life, smooth velocity and compact package can be used in a variety of industrial motion control applications as a hydraulic or pneumatic replacement. Applications include press fitting systems, valve/process control, spot welding, fluid dispensing and many others. The IMA's integrated servo motor makes for a more compact package than traditionally mounted motors, by eliminating the need for additional motor couplers, adapters, belts and/or gears, thereby reducing assembly labor and parts sourcing. It is available with staggered connectors for convenient installation and wiring that emulates the most popular motor manufacturers for compatibility out of the box. The smooth body design eliminates potential contaminant collection points. A variety of options including mounting and rod ends, an electronic brake, and IP67 protection make it a flexible linear motion solution. The IMA uses skewed motor windings rather than segmented stators to reduce torque ripple and improve repeatability. The IMA motor incorporates a hollow core rotor design that further reduces actuator footprint by allowing the screw nut to pass inside the rotor. The screw is attached directly to the hollow core rotor, eliminating motor couplers, reducing failure points, and improving dynamic performance. A patent-pending grease port allows complete actuator re-lubrication without removing it from fixtures for disassembly, saving down-time and labor. The IMA has undergone 1.5 years of life testing (Tolomatic Endurance Technology at work) to validate dynamic load rating capacities.

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