See Where iPhones Get Torture Tested

YouTube reviewer see the labs where Apple’s iconic phones get beat up before they can be shipped.

Spencer Chin, Senior Editor

July 11, 2024

An IP68 moisture rating requires rigorous water testing.
To pass IP68 tests for water ingress, smartphones go through an escalating series of water tests culminating with full immersion..monte_foto/ iStock / Getty Images Plus

At a Glance

  • Apple's iPhones must endure a rigorous battery of moisture, drop, shaking, and other tests before shipping.

High-end smartphones such as Apple’s iPhones go through rigorous testing before they can receive various environmental approvals and get shipped out. But seeing is believing, and this video looks behind-the-scenes of the excruciating tests iPhones need to pass muster.

YouTube tech reviewer Marques Brownlee, who runs a YouTube tech review channel, recently visited Apple’s secret durability test labs. Brownlee saw the iPhones being doused with water in various tests at various angles, then become fully submerged in water before getting their lofty IP68 rating for water resistance.

Brownlee also saw how Apple iPhones get drop tested. The phones are picked up by an Epson robot programmed to drop the phone at various locations and angles, on various surfaces. Cameras with strong lighting nearby are set up to record the tests. Finally, the video showed machines with trays that conduct rigorous shaking tests to simulate cumulative wear and tear on the phones.

Toward the end of the video, Brownlee noted that an interview with an Apple, the company can go through as many as 10,000 prototypes before shipping out the final product.

You can view the video here.

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