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Test, Measurement, & Control

Test, Measurement, & Control

Oxygen detector

D esigned to monitor and detect oxygen deficiencies in tightly confined spaces, this company's TS420 Oxygen Deficiency Detector is said to offer low maintenance costs and a long service life. The product features an electrochemical cell sensing element, a two-wire loop-powered design, and adjustment-free calibration. Applications include water treatment facilities, refineries, manholes, boilers, pipelines, and underground vaults.

General Monitors , 26776 Simpatica Circle, Lake Forest, CA 92630; FAX (714) 581-1151.


B uilt for low-level, low-frequency measurements, this company's Valu-Line(TM)Model 7596 MICROTRON(R)Accelerometer utilizes variable capacitance microsensors. Features include a wide selection of measurement ranges, a low-profile package, and an operating temperature range of -65 to 250F. The product's output is said to be high enough to drive most laboratory instruments without amplification or signal conditioning.

Endevco Corp., 30700 Rancho Viejo Rd., San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675; FAX (949) 661-7231; .

Temperature sensor

T his company has developed an eight-channel exhaust gas temperature analysis system based on their 1000 C TS-200 platinum RTD exhaust gas temperature sensor. Product measures and displays temperature readings from up to eight locations, and has an alarm function for maximum temperature and maximum difference. Applications include cylinder to cylinder balancing and high performance tuning.

Heraeus Sensor-Nite , 9901 Blue Grass Rd, Philadelphia, PA 19114; FAX (215) 464-7708.

Pressure transducer

M ade of aluminum alloy, this company's Wet/Dry differential pressure transducer is designed for tight, high vibration, underhood environment applications which require accurate engine monitoring and control measurements. The product uses a 5V dc regulated power supply, provides a 0.25 through 4.8V dc linear output proportional to pressure, and is said to be compatible with air, oil, or gasoline media.

Kavlico , 14501 Los Angeles Ave., Moorpark, CA 93021; .


S P 2800 series rotary position transducers use an elastomer-damped precious metal multi-fingered wiper assembly for reliable contact in all conditions. Die slots and a backlash-free push-on design provide easy transducer installation. Product is used in environments such as automotive, metal, and woodworking where dust is present.

Novotecknik , 237 Cedar Hill St, Marlborough, MA 01752; FAX (508) 485-2430.

Proximity sensors

G MR series magnetic proximity sensors represent a new approach to proximity sensing in harsh environments or high temperature applications, such as industrial equipment and off-highway vehicles. Product is highly sensitive through the use of an omnipolar sensing element which allows the sensor to be activated by either the North or South pole of the magnet.

Cherry Electrical Products , 11200-88 th Ave., Box 581913, Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158; FAX (414) 942-6566; .

Static meter

F or detecting and measuring static electricity, this company says that its Model 212 Digital Static Meter provides long-term, accurate measurements in both normal and ionized environments. Features include an LCD meter, LED ranging lights, extension cord, carrying case, and a locking pushbutton measure/hold switch. Applications include computer rooms, clean rooms, hazardous locations, and hospitals.

Electro-Tech Systems , 3101 Mt. Carmel Ave., Glenside, PA 19038; FAX (215) 887-0131; .

Custom indicators

A lloy Surelite(R)visual liquid-level indicators are available in custom-built configurations in three days. Options include switch modules, transmitters, and indicating scales. Indicators have stainless-steel housings and floats, and are a safe alternative to sight glasses, with a leakage-free, long operating life.

Gems Sensors, 1 Cowles Rd., Plainville, CT 06062-1198; FAX (860) 747-4244; .

Video measurement

Y F10 non-contact 3D video coordinate measuring machine is de-signed for inspection lab applications in automotive, medical de-vice, molded plastics, and precision stamping and tooling industries. Product is equipped with an IEEE1394-interface digital CCD camera and advanced metrology software, and is available with 10:1 zoom lens optics or a choice of fixed optical lens magnifications.

Sony Precision Technology America Inc. , 20381 Hermana Circle, Lake Forest, CA 92630; FAX (888) 910-7669; .


S eries 100 Linear Velocity Transducers provide instant velocity measurements over linear ranges from 1/2 to 24 inches. Units require no external excitation, while its generated VDC output varies linearly with core velocity. Product is durable and able to stand up to automotive shock testing, vibration analysis, and ram and press speed.

Trans-Tek , Box 338, Ellington, CT 6029; FAX (860) 872-4211.

Position sensor

D ual Triangle Wave sensor provides redundant accurate output to a number of vehicle control systems, including antilock braking systems and active suspension components. The product mounts on the steering column shaft, and detects the wheel's position with a potentiometer-based assembly. The sensor can be adapted to passenger cars as well as heavy trucks and off-highway equipment.

BI Technologies , 4200 Bonita Place, Fullerton, CA 92835; FAX (714) 447-2400; .

Pressure gauge

P LUS!(TM)performance gauges are said to offer the reliability of liquid-filled gauges and a longer life than other dry gauges. Product is said to be easy to read, easy to recalibrate, dampens vibration and pulsation, and has a wider temperature range than glycerin-filled gauges. Company also says the dry design eliminates leaks and costs associated with special fill fluids.

Dresser Instrument , 250 E. Main St., Stratford, CT 06614-5145; .

Data acquisition

B yte Bucket(TM)BB 429 is for testing and data acquisition in aviation and aerospace. Product features continuous data acquisition, test result analysis, program loading, and instrument data capture. Data can play back over RS-232 or imported into any Windows application, view ARINC 429 labels real time or log-to-file, and store up to 160 MB on a compact flash card.

Analog & Digital Peripherals, Box 499, Troy, OH 45373; FAX (937) 339-0070; .

Laser measurement

L IMTEK is a compact, high performance laser measurement system for position, velocity, acceleration, straightness, squareness, parallelism, angles, and flatness measurements. The product is said to provide dimensional metrology calibrations, internal multi-axis measurements, and high-speed dynamic analysis. The system also includes a CCD camera for accurate straightness, squareness, and parallelism measurements.

Davidson Optronics , 2223 Ramona Blvd., West Covina, CA 91790; FAX (616) 962-5188.

Strain measurement

T his company's Model 6200 scanner is said to acquire strain and other measurement data as a remote, standalone operation at scanning rates of up to 10,000 samples per second per channel. The product is dc powered, and uses standard TCP/IP communications links for remote control and centralized testing. Applications include on-board testing in vehicles, unattended long-term monitoring in remote locations, and general-purpose testing.

Measurements Group , Box 27777, Raleigh, NC 27611; FAX (919) 365-3945; .


M odel 9298A is a six component rotating wheel dynamometer that combines state-of-the-art measuring technology, including piezoelectric sensors, an electromagnetic angle encoder, and signal conditioning, to transform rotating signals to a fixed coordinate system. Product sends out signals including force components Fx, Fy, and Fz; moments Mx, My, Mz, and sine and cosine of the angular position of the wheel.

Kistler , 75 John Glenn Dr., Amherst, NY 14228; FAX (716) 691-5226.

Position sensor

O rbisense(TM)series contactless position sensors are designed to provide engineers with a way to measure angular or linear position in off-highway vehicles, construction, and other heavy equipment. The product incorporates an array of Hall-effect sensors which are sequentially read and interpreted by a microcontroller to provide an accurate angle measurement for targets whose motion is parallel to the sensor surface.

AB Electronic Ltd.; FAX (919) 365-3945.

Telemetry recorder

T he Everest telemetry recorder-workstation is designed for aerospace applications, including flight testing and simulation, missile testing, and satellite telemetry. Features include an 18-inch color display, a touch screen interface, a high resolution chart, and a Virtual Chart(TM)for saving large amounts of data to an on-board interface. The display is completely customizable, while moving pen tips mark real-time data points.

Astro-Med, Astro-Med Industrial Park, West Warwick, RI 02893; FAX (401) 822-2430; .


T wo TH-Calc(TM)Thermohygrometers, each measuring temperature and humidity, use a single probe to measure multiple parameters. Model 8720 measures temperature and humidity, and calculates dew point. Model 8722 adds data logging, and performs wet bulb temperature, absolute humidity, and % outside air calculations.

TSI Inc., Box 64394, St. Paul, MN 55164; FAX (651) 490-4287; .

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