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Test, Measurement, and Control

Article-Test, Measurement, and Control

Test, Measurement, and Control

Reed sensors

MP Series reed sensors are omnipolar, magnetically activated switches which feature zero power consumption and are hermetically sealed for resistance to moisture and dirt. The product can be activated by either North or South pole magnets approaching from virtually any angle. Contact forms available include SPST with either NO or NC contacts, or SPDT with CO contacts.

Cherry Electrical Products, 11200-88th Ave P.O. Box 581913, Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158; FAX (414) 942-6566; .

Laser coder

Xymark laser coding products have just been added to this company's line of small character printing systems. The products are said by the company to be the world's first multi-line dot matrix laser coding system, and are high speed, non-contact coders capable of marking up to 430 characters per second on product packaging. The marks are reportedly permanent and cannot be rubbed off.

Diagraph, 3401 Rider Trail S., St. Louis, MO 63045; FAX (314) 770-5478.

Absolute encoders

Rugged, high-accuracy, multi-turn, tracking absolute encoders with resolutions up to a reported 1 part in 500,000 are now available from this company. The product is said to be able to convert any shaft input to 5 or 6 digit BCD, or 19 bits of binary information corresponding directly to the shaft angle, with an accuracy up to a reported 1 part in 100,000. Four, five, and six digit LED displays are also available.

Computer Conversions Corp., 6 Dunton Ct., East Northport, NY 11731; FAX (631) 261-3308; .

Capacitance measurement

CM-S Series Custom Capacitance Measurement Systems are designed for semiconductor chemical management systems. The product is said to be highly responsive to chemicals of all dielectric constant and offers accurate, continuous measurement of aggressive chemicals over short distances.

Scientific Technologies Inc., 6550 Dumbarton Circle, Fremont, CA 94555; FAX 510-744-1442; .

Arbitrary waveform generator

Designed to offer 16-bit resolution at 2MS/s sampling rate, this product is for applications requiring precision, high-fidelity audio, and multi-tone intermodulation testing. Waveform memory is 65,500 points. Synchronous with each waveform are 4 independent single-bit data streams available for instant recall.

Pragmatic Instruments Inc., 7313 Carroll Rd., San Diego, CA 92121; FAX (619) 271-9567.

Noncontact measurement

The Model 3000 LaserSpeed(R)System is this company's most advanced length and speed measurement system for hot and cold mill applications. The product features new gauge head, processor, and accessory designs. New capabilities include a low-power optics design which is said to increase measurement performance, a flexible stand-off, large depth of field, and a DSP processor.

TSI Inc., Box 64394, St Paul, MN 55164; FAX (651) 490-4287; .

Waveform synthesizer

AN2050A Non-Arbitrary Waveform Synthesizers are designed for the hard disk drive industry. The product is said to provide realistic pulse shapes, noise, and the true magnetic effects of the head and media. Featuring what the manufacturer says is the world's first integrated thermal asperity generator, the product enables the waveform data to maintain 8-bit resolution through most of the data pattern.

Analogic, Data Conversion Products Group 360 Audubon Rd., Wakefield, MA 1880; .

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