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Take a bow, Karen

Article-Take a bow, Karen

Take a bow, Karen

Beginning with the February 26, 2001 issue, Design News Executive Editor Karen Field will take over the day-to-day running of the magazine as Chief Editor. I will move into the new position of National Editor, where I will concentrate on a range of activities, including a direct focus on the newest technology from the most important suppliers in the design community, and the development of the magazine's new editorial Webcast programs. These are exciting moves for both Karen and me, and will help us bring even more in-depth information to you.

A mechanical engineer by education and training, Karen has been on the magazine's staff for three-and-a-half years, and done a superb job of covering several technologies, especially motion control and power transmission. Some of the most technically useful-and entertaining-articles we have run recently have come from her reporting, including her examinations of linear motor technology ("Linear motor technology shootout," February 15, 1999); thermoelectric technology ("The big chill," October 18, 1999); and the intricacies of automotive cupholder design ("Cups not runneth over," November 6, 2000).

Prior to joining Design News , Karen was a senior editor with Modern Materials Handling magazine, and a design engineer with Texas Instruments. She shares a patent for development of highly conductive components for heat dissipation on printed circuit boards.

With her journalistic skills and deep engineering knowledge, she will do a great job putting out a compelling and technically useful magazine. Tell her the topics you want to read about at [email protected].

Of course, you haven't heard the last of me. I will be sharing with Karen the duty of writing editorials and the Guest Commentary column, and I'll be producing Webcasts on the most important engineering problems and opportunities you face. I plan to use Webcast technology to help you keep up with all the changes in engineering.

So, take a bow, Karen. And have a great time producing a great magazine.

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