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Solutions in education-the key to engineering success

Solutions in education-the key to engineering success

In 1998, we celebrate MSC's 35th year serving the engineering community. As the pioneer in applying commercial software to solve engineering problems, we have seen the development of computer-aided engineering (CAE) evolve from software programs using 80-column punch cards, to interactive 3-D graphics programs performing detailed analysis on PCs.

MSC and the CAE community have dramatically changed manufacturers' engineering processes, aiding them in producing high-quality products in ever- decreasing time periods.

These changes have come from engineers who work hard to stay abreast of both engineering and computer technology. The foundation for success in any endeavor, especially in the highly competitive, constantly advancing, technical world of computer-aided engineering, is education.

MSC is proud of its tradition of supporting engineering education. As a sponsor of the Design News Engineering Awards Program, we have the opportunity to continue to contribute directly to the development of future engineers.

Manufacturers may spend tens- or hundreds-of-thousands of dollars for the best hardware and software tools to enable engineers to contribute all they can to the engineering process. However, without an adequate investment in education and training, neither the full potential of these advanced tools nor the goal of an increased competitive advantage can be reached.

Only a manufacturer that leverages both tools and engineering expertise can achieve its business objectives. Continuing education both enhances existing talent and develops new engineering skills to help companies survive in an increasingly competitive world.

We also know that we have to provide more than just products and training to help our customers be successful. To this end, MSC offers solutions which include customization, consulting, and strategic planning.

These expanded solutions, such as online support, detailed documentation, and hot-line assistance, aid en-gineers in maximizing their investment. MSC solutions help our customers solve their engineering problems, but are not a substitute for formal training. By neglecting proper training, the full benefits and expected return ona software investment are not fully realized.

The MSC Institute of Technology offers a comprehensive range of technology and software training. Both beginning- and advanced-level engineers more fully use the capabilities of MSC software products, allowing them to make a greater contribution to their companies. We provide seminars at our own state-of-the-art classroom facilities as well as training classes at customer locations. More than 3,000 engineers, scientists, and designers around the world have developed their knowledge and operating skills at the MSC Institute.

MSC's commitment to the development of engineering excellence and expertise has been a cornerstone of our history and, we believe, a road map to the future. Our commitment to the Design News Engineering Awards Program reflects our fundamental belief in the importance of engineering education.

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