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Safeguarding Reliability in Implants, Medical Equipment

Medical device manufacturers are working hard to secure their products

Super-Powered Salad Spinner


Expiring Tax Credits May Sink Major Arizona Solar Project

Expiring Tax Credits May Sink Major Arizona Solar Project

There is a good, short article posted on-line recently in the Christian Science Monitor entitled, “Arizona’s Solar Aspirations In Peril”. The article suggests that large-scale solar power plants are still far from being competitive with conventional fossil-fired plants, even in a place that sees 325 days of sunshine per year. According to the article, expiration of the federal Investment Tax Credit in 2008 is going to sink a 1 billion dollar solar project slated to elevate Arizona’s prominence as renewable energy hub.

Maple 12 Touts Improved CAD Connectivity

Maple 12 Touts Improved CAD Connectivity

Maplesoft is touting improved connectivity to CAD tools and new analysis functions among the highlights of the Version 12 release of its flagship mathematical calculation tool. Maple 12 now allows engineers to connect directly to popular CAD systems like SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor  and deploy mathematical capabilities to extend the range of analysis on CAD models. With the new release, engineers can also tag designs electronically with rich technical documentation and calculations, which integrates the mathematical analysis directly into the engineering workflow.

On the analysis front, a new Dynamic Systems package offers a large selection of analytic and graphing tools for linear time-invariant systems, which are essential in control systems development. There are also new Wavelets support, for design requirements in the area of image compression and signal analysis along with new plotting capabilities to simplify the creation of complex engineering plots such as frequency domain responses and root-locus plots.

The third area of enhancements is around smarter documents. Among the highlights are improvements to customizable interactive components, easier access to Maple 12’s code editor and new additions to its “clickable” approach to math, which uses mouse clicks, menus and palettes instead of command lines to invoke operations. Single user academic licenses of Maple 12 are available now for $1,895.

Robotic Arm Camera (RAC)


Mars: The Search for Water, the Search for Life


MARDI Descent Imaging Scenario


Phoenix EDL Animation


GreenSoft releases GreenData Manager

GreenSoft releases GreenData Manager

GreenSoft Technologies Inc. (formerly Pacific Oaks Technology) has launched GreenData Manager, a desktop application designed to help companies manage green compliance data and documents. The application is available for a 30-day free trial on the company’s website.

GreenData Manager was created to help collect and manage a range of green compliance data, including RoHS status and certificates from suppliers, material composition substance data, MSL and peak temperature data for lead-free manufacturing, tin whisker mitigation strategies and more.

The tool is also designed to validate compliance information against RoHS, China RoHS, Korea RoHS, Halogen-Free and the recent Norwegian PoHS. The application can also be used to report the compliance status on all parts or BOMs and determine if test reports or certificates need to be recollected.

Design Tools: Siemens Gets CAD Modeling in Sync

May 7, 2008
Spotlight Story:  
Siemens Gets CAD Modeling in Sync
Siemens' new synchronous technology marries the merits of direct modeling with a history-based, parametric CAD approach. Full Story
In the News:
Alibre Broadens 3D Portfolio with CAM The new Alibre CAM tools, part of the integrated Alibre Design Suite, deliver high-end CAM functionality, including 2.5- to 5-axis CNC milling capabilities at a low cost. Full Story
The Art of 3D Printing
A new exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art puts the spotlight on additive manufacturing technology.
Full Story

Autodesk Helps Engineers Go Green
Autodesk is experimenting with a new tool that can help manufacturers make more responsible materials decisions. Full Story
Siemens PLM Software Backs Danica Patrick Win
Who would have guessed that PLM software could have any kind of connection to Danica Patrick’s historic win of the IndyCar Series race in Japan? Full Story
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Defining the DDM and RT Matrix

Learn how to determine when to use direct digital manufacturing and rapid tooling matrix through an analysis of timelines, cost and geometries in this one-hour webcast on Wednesday, June 18 at 1 p.m. EST. Register online.

Alibre Puts Its Spin on the Personal CAD Market - PODCAST
Alibre Chairman Paul Grayson and CEO Greg Milliken provide their take on the “Personal CAD” market now that low-cost tools are in reach of engineers working at home. Listen Now
Dive into Direct Digital Manufacturing - WEBCAST
In partnership with Stratasys
Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM) or rapid manufacturing is taking place today. Knowing what DDM is and how to implement within your company is a competitive advantage in today’s manufacturing environment. Watch Now
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Webcast: Unique Solutions for Mechatronics Process Management
In partnership with Siemens
Learn how Teamcenter's Mechatronics Process Management can provide solutions to:
• Manage the complexities of product variation
• Achieve higher quality products resulting in lower warranty costs
• Bring more innovative products to market faster with fewer resources Read More
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Stratasys Pioneer, Innovator and Global Leader. Using it's patented FDMTM (Fused Deposition Modeling) technology, Stratasys systems produce accurate 3D parts directly from 3D CAD files for use for design verification, through prototyping and direct digital manufacturing. Stratasys FDM systems use production-grade thermoplastics allowing you to match part properties with the material that fits your needs. View All Resources From Stratasys

Innovation in Manufacturing Microsoft | Web Event Ed Miller of CIMdata explains how other organizations are reaching better maturity levels through best practices in collaborative product development, along with the methodology behind CPD technologies that have skyrocketed collaborative teams into greater productivity and financial achievement. Attendees can access a one-year FREE trial of Microsoft Office Groove 2007!

Siemens PLM Webcast on Mechatronics Process Management Siemens PLM Software | Web Event Building intelligence into a product requires software that is integrated with certain functions of the product. The addition of wire harness, electronics and software to an already complex product development process adds new challenges for the product development schedule, cost and quality. All of these different types of data, as well as their change processes, must be managed and shared.
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Siemens Gets CAD Modeling in Sync
Alibre Broadens 3-D Portfolio with CAM
The Art of 3D Printing
Autodesk Helps Engineers Go Green
Siemens PLM Software Backs Danica Patrick Win
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It’s like that argument over Coke and Pepsi. Some engineers prefer the controls and automation of parametric or history-based 3D CAD systems while others like the freedom and flexibility of direct modelers. The debate is coming to a head lately as the leading CAD vendors and some upstarts release products that tend to blur the lines. Which CAD approach best suits your design practices? Drop me a line.

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