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Silicon Labs' Si2170 Hybrid Silicon TV Tuner with Analog Demodulator

Silicon Labs' Si2170 Hybrid Silicon TV Tuner with Analog Demodulator

The Si2170 silicon tuner is a globally-compliant hybrid TV tuner with an analog TV demodulator in a single CMOS IC. The device integrates a highly linear RF front-end design incorporating a merged low noise amplifier and high-Q tracking filter to provide gain only around the desired channel frequency. This design enables superior sensitivity and rejection of strong undesired channels and interference in severe broadcast conditions, resulting in superior channel reception and improved picture clarity.

Silicon Labs' patented digital low-IF architecture enables the Si2170 TV tuner to achieve exceptional performance and integration while addressing the challenges created by hybrid analog/digital reception and multiple regional standards. The architecture allows many functions relying on analog and discrete fixed components to be implemented with cost-effective programmable digital signal processing. This enables TV manufacturers to optimize system parameters and comply with worldwide cable and terrestrial broadcast standards. The Si2170 enables simpler designs, reduced bill of materials and higher reliability. As TV makers continue to design thinner form factors, the Si2170's small footprint helps enable the next generation of ultra-slim flat-panel TVs. For years, the TV industry has attempted to replace traditional discrete tuners with an integrated silicon tuner to reduce cost and complexity, harmonize across standards and shrink form factors while matching the performance of discrete solutions. Silicon Labs met this challenge with the Si2170 - the first silicon TV tuner to exceed the performance of discrete tuners, enabling TV makers to deliver improved picture quality and better reception for analog and digital broadcasts. By designing the Si2170 in standard CMOS, Silicon Labs is the only company to offer a roadmap to cost-effective, single-chip TV receivers that integrate tuner/demodulator functions in a single IC.

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