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Silicon Labs' QuickSense Human Interface Portfolio

Silicon Labs' QuickSense Human Interface Portfolio

The QuickSense portfolio of human interface (HI) products includes the Si1102 and Si1120 infrared and ambient light sensors and the C8051F800 and F700 capacitive touch sense microcontrollers (MCUs). The combination of Silicon Labs' Si11xx proximity sensors and touch sense MCUs enables advanced human interfaces incorporating a wide range of IR-based functions such as touchless switches and sliders controlled by gestures, proximity detection, motion detection, occupancy/user sensing and intrusion/tamper detection. Candidates for these HI applications include portable consumer electronics, large appliances, personal medical devices, industrial controls, thermostats and security systems. The QuickSense Si1102/Si1120 proximity and ambient light sensors are the industry's fastest IR sensing solutions. These sensors use a patented single-pulse proximity measurement technique that dramatically reduces system power. They provide extended range under a wide variety of lighting conditions, enabling developers to use of lower cost, lower profile LEDs. By pairing QuickSense sensors with F800 MCUs, developers can design innovative touchless proximity sliders that fundamentally enhance the HI experience through smart motion sensing. The QuickSense devices are supported by the QuickSense Studio, an easy-to-use development environment that enables developers to design human interfaces without creating a single line of code. Silicon Labs is the first company to offer both IR sensing technology and high-performance touch-sense MCUs in the same portfolio. The QuickSense portfolio is breathing new life into infrared sensor applications by enabling intuitive "touchless" interfaces. Optimized for power efficiency, the QuickSense Si1102/Si1120 proximity and ambient light sensors enable touchless human interface sensing with superior detection range. Based on a patent-pending capacitance-to-digital converter (CDC), the high-performance F800 MCUs offer the industry's fastest capacitive touch sense capability. Offering a 40 microsecond acquisition time, the high-resolution CDC provides highly responsive touch sense functions that replace mechanical buttons, sliders and wheels.

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