Semiconductors for Advanced Vehicles

Major top-tier semiconductor suppliers have targeted automotive as one of the key markets for future products.

June 20, 2024

1 Hr View

Date: Jul 18, 2024

Duration: 1 Hr

Advanced chips for these applications have often remained in shortage even as inventories and prices of parts for more commodity applications have started returning to more normal levels. Two oft-mentioned technologies are silicon carbide and gallium nitride, both of which are undergoing intensive development for applications such as battery charging systems in electric vehicles. Also, semiconductors are increasingly enabling technologies in vehicle safety and infotainment systems. This webinar will examine some of the progress and challenges in developing and producing semiconductors for vehicle applications, considering factors such as vehicle performance requirements and standards, reliability specs, and supply-chain and production needs. We hope to get semi suppliers and (possibly) reps from the automotive OEM side as participants. 

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