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Take a look at AI machines through the years. When it comes to robots in the movies, we’re all eight-year-olds.

Rob Spiegel

February 6, 2023

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We started the robot movie list with Metropolis and moved all the way to the last couple of years. You’ll see quite a range of robots, from clunky metal machines like Robby the Robot to sentient operating systems in 2001: A Space Odyssey and Her.

This list could be so much longer. In the interest of brevity, we’ve captured franchises in one listing. So, series such as Star Wars, Terminator, Aliens, and Transformers are each listed once.

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Rob Spiegel

Rob Spiegel has served as senior editor at Electronic News and Ecommerce Business, covering the electronics industry and Internet technology. He has served as a contributing editor at Automation World and Supply Chain Management Review. Rob has contributed to Design News for 10 years.

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