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Real-time control for Windows-based computers

Real-time control for Windows-based computers

Because many measurement and automation applications call for real-time control, National Instruments has introduced LabVIEWTM RT. Incorporating a real-time version of LabVIEW and a series of intelligent data acquisition (DAQ) boards, the RT Series allows real-time control using Microsoft Windows-based computers.

LabVIEW RT takes advantage of the standard LabVIEW development paradigm and, through a simple pull-down menu command, instantly embeds complete programs on the dedicated processor of a National Instruments RT Series data acquisition board for real-time performance.

Once embedded, LabVIEW RT runs directly on the RT Series DAQ board's processor and apart from the processor of the host computer. Therefore, LabVIEW RT users achieve deterministic, true real-time control. An application continues to run reliably even when the mouse is moved or the host system switches applications. LabVIEW RT will continue to run even if the operating system on the host PC crashes.

The RT Series boards are built on PCI and CompactPCI/PXITM form factors. Because the DAQ portion of the RT Series boards is the same as other current National Instruments boards, users can apply the same LabVIEW DAQ calls, providing a scalable solution from traditional to real-time data acquisition.

"LabVIEW RT and the RT Series intelligent DAQ hardware are the first in a line of products from National Instruments to address real-time performance for measurement and automation using industry-standard development tools,'' says Marketing Manager Tamra Kerns. "With this technology, we will continue to introduce more real-time hardware and look to other technologies like Windows CE for embedded and portable applications for measurement and automation."

With LabVIEW RT, users can have widespread development and deployment of real-time applications without requiring in-depth knowledge of real-time techniques or non-standard computer systems.

Additional Details...Contact National Instruments, 11500 N. Mopac Expwy., Austin, TX 78759; FAX (512) 794-5759.

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