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Proportion-Air's MizAir®

Article-Proportion-Air's MizAir®

Proportion-Air's MizAir®

MizAir is an energy savings device designed for use on air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps. It can save as much as 50 percent of the air consumed by AODD pumps therefore using less energy. It operates as a "normally open" two-way valve with a microcontroller that uses "fuzzy logic" to read where the pump is in its stroke and, using this information, determines when to close the valve and stop the air flow. It does this with little to no affect on pump output, fluid flow or flow rate. It requires no pump modification to install, just add 24V dc. MizAir provides design engineers with significantly greater flexibility and efficiency when designing a system using AODD pumps. AODD pumps require a tremendous amount of air to operate. MizAir not only can save a company money in energy useage, they may also be able to reduce the load on their air compressor system, reduce the number or capacity of the compressors required or increase output by running more pumps with the same compressor capacity. MizAir allows the design engineer to consider using AODD pumps where they would normally have been excluded for their inefficiency. MizAir is an intelligent device that uses an internal pressure sensor to monitor the air being supplied to the pump. The characteristics of this signal allow MizAir's microcontroller to determine when the pump reaches end of stroke. This information is used to time the pulses of air entering the pump, determining when to close the valve and when to reopen on every stroke of the pump resulting in an air consumption savings of up to 50 percent.

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