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Product News

Product News

Suction cup

Suction cups made of Duraflex(TM) polyurethane are said to combine the elasticity of rubber with the wear resistance of polyurethane to provide long service life. The product is available in two durometers: Green, for applications in automobile manufacturing where oil resistance is the prime concern; and red, for packaging or general parts handling.


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Heat shrink tubing

Pan-Shrink(TM) thin wall heat shrink tubing is now available in bulk packaging to save on warehouse space, paperwork, and recycling. The product is designed to protect wire and cable markers and provide abrasion protection, and is available in HSTT, HSTTV, and HSTTA materials. The product also features labeled inner bags for individual package identification to decrease purchasing time.

Panduit Corp.,

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Wire machine

U-Series wire EMD machines are said to offer cycle times which are 50 percent faster while retaining accuracy. The U86 features a rigid, compact design which the manufacturer says is capable of handling large molds and dies within a small machine footprint, and delivers high-frequency electric pulses to the workpiece at nanosecond intervals.


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O-seal tool

O-Seal installation tools are design to safely and effectively install this company's O-Seal stem seals. By compressing the outer sealing lip and expanding the inner lip, the kit allows users to slip the "U" cup stem seal over the valve stem. Also available is a replacement soft goods kit, which contains a stem seal, body O-ring, back-up ring, and seat O-ring.

CPV Manufacturing,

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Metal assemblies

This company offers complex metal-formed assemblies and components for commercial and military applications which require quick start-up, high accuracy, and low cost. Products are manufactured with feature-based parametric solid modeling and multi-axis laser machining to produce tooling, prototypes, and finished products.


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Panel fasteners

Metal/plastic SNAP-IN panel fasteners are designed to be installed by personnel without tools by pressing them by hand into round holes in any sheet material as thin as 0.92 mm or as thick as 1.65 mm. The fasteners feature a plastic, self-captivating retainer with fingers which grip the mounting sheet to hold the fastener in place.

Penn Engineering &Manufacturing Corp.,

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Cable clip

One-piece Ribbon Clips are made to hold flat cable up to 50 conductors wide. The product is molded of non-conductive nylon, has a peel and stick adhesive backing, and will not cut or abrade cable.

Micro Plastics Inc.,

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Static mixers

Kenics(R) KM Series Static mixers feature a patented helical mixing element which provides complete radial mixing and flow division for any combination of liquids, gases, and solids. Smooth element geometry also mixes miscible fluids in laminar or turbulent flow, and reportedly disperses immiscible fluids or gases while producing low pressure drop.


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PLIOGRIP(R) 5000/5020 epoxy adhesive system is designed to bond sheet molding compounds to themselves or to e-coated metals in automotive applications without the use of abrasives, solvents, flame treatments, or primers.

Ashland Specialty Chemical Co.,

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