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Product News


This company's TorqueTrak 9000 Digital Radio Telemetry System is said to convert virtually any shaft into a rotating torque sensor. The product features a miniature battery-powered transmitter which rides on the shaft and broadcasts data from a torque sensitive strain gauge. The system features 7 gain settings, 8 broadcast frequencies, auto-zero, and a low battery indicator.

Binsfeld Engineering, 4571 W MacFarlane Rd, Maple City, MI 49664; FAX (231) 334-4903; .


Two high crack pressure valves for use in medical devices are now available from this company. Both valves have a reported crack pressure of 9 to 22 psi of water at the outlet port, a reported inlet crack pressure of 1.5 to 5 psi, and a back pressure rating of 30 psi. The valves are latex-free, have a dual-functioning check valve system, and are designed to provide a closed system for fluid transfer.

B. Braun Medical Inc. , 824 Twelfth Ave., Bethlehem, PA 18018; FAX (610) 691-1785; .

Precision vise

Made of ductile iron to increase strength, this company's 6-inch Precision Milling Vise has a high capacity jaw opening of 8.75 inches, allowing use in applications that require larger jaw openings. Movement is controlled by a thrust bearing for increased clamping power, along with a locking mechanism which applies 1/2 lb. of clamping force for every pound of force applied.

Palmgren Steel Products, 8383 S. South Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL 60617; FAX (773) 721-9739.


ZEROPACK(TM)product-and-package-in-one technology has been applied by this company to its line of reactive hot melt adhesives. The form is said to be compatible with the latest application systems, and reportedly provides benefits including affordable set up of production lines, increased productivity through eliminated downtime, lower waste, decreased operating expenses, and precise metering.

H.B. Fuller, 3530 Lexington Ave N., St Paul, MN 55126-8076

Thickness probe

Hand Held Thickness Probe 2000 from this company is said to be a totally portable thickness measuring device for laboratory and factory floor use. The product is said to allow measurement of glass, plastic, or other materials without the need for target balls or coupling fluids. The product is suitable for bottles, molded containers, or other types of hollow products where only single-sided measurement is possible.

AGR Int'l., Box 149, Butler, PA 16003-0149; FAX (724) 482-2767.

Distribution software

RapidROUTE(R)order fulfillment software from this company is said to increase the efficiency of order fulfillment operations by optimizing the flow of the order selection process.

Rapistan Systems, 507 Plymouth Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505; .

Vibration isolators

SteelPaw(TM)Compact Rope Isolators are designed to provide simultaneous shock and vibration attenuation where sway and package space is limited. The products feature a symmetrical design which is said to provide consistent multi-axis isolation, while their small size provides isolation for individual components. Applications include disk drives, medical equipment, mobile electronics, and avionics equipment.

Enidine Inc., 7 Centre Dr, Orchard Park, NY 14127; FAX (716) 662-1909.

Metal seats

Valves offer metal encapsulated seats for improved ring containment on the 3,000 and 10,000 series three piece ball valves. Encapsulated seats ensure that there is less chance of cold flow or seat extrusion, and in case of fire or excessive wear, the soft seat ring will dissipate, allowing the ball to fit in the contoured metal shoulder, maintaining the valve seat integrity.

Marwin Ball Valves, 3170 Wasson Rd., Cincinati, Ohio 45209; FAX (513) 533-7343.

Web-based collaborative design system

Alibre Design(TM)version 1.0 is a web-based team environment for mechanical design and data management. It is available through Alibre's web site on a monthly subscription basis, or it can be hosted on a company's own intranet under a six-month, unlimited usage license. The product is designed to connect engineers and designers regardless of their geographic locations, improving their communication, catching mistakes sooner, and shortening the design cycle.

Alibre, Inc., 1701 N. Greenville Ave., Ste. 702, Richardson, TX 75081; FAX (972) 671-8493; .

Pneumatic clamps

Series GRM clamps from this company are said to provide high grip force, long life, and quick and easy field maintenance. Now available in three new styles, the jaws contain a locking thread for secure mounting of jaw tips. Various jaw styles are available for a wide range of clamping applications, and the jaws mechanically lock in the closed position to retain the part even if air pressure is removed.

PHD, Box 9070, Fort Wayne, IN 46899; FAX 219-747-6754; .

Rod end bearings

Available in over 125 inch and metric sizes, this companies line of rod end bearings are designed for use in both precision and commercial applications to take up misalignment between two connected parts. The products are stocked in both male and female configurations, offer optional lubricator fittings, and have a spherical inner ring and a cylindrical bore for shaft mounting.

Quality Bearings & Components, 125 Railroad Ave, Garden City Park, NY 11040; .

Miniature motor

This company's 17S miniature brush DC motor series is designed for high performance and small size. Built with an ironless rotor which is said to minimize power losses and rotor inertia, the product is CE approved and also features rare earth magnets which reportedly provide exceptional acceleration and performance within an extremely compact volume.

API Motion, 45 Hazelwood Dr., Amherst, NY 14228; FAX (716) 691-9181; .

Check valve

This company's miniature 855 Series check valve is said to offer a higher flow capability than previous models in a small package. Size of the product is 8 mm by 13 mm, with a maximum flow rate of 1 gpm at 15 psid. The valve is designed for high volume applications, and can be installed by inserting it into a drilled hole.

Lee Co., 2 Pettipaug Rd., Box 424, Westbrook, CT 06498; FAX (860) 399-6281; .


SI-701B electronic tilt sensors are based upon Force Balance Accelerometer Technology, and are said to produce a high level, low impedance output which is proportional to the sine of the tilt angle. The products feature electronic damping and desensitization circuitry which is said to allow tilt measurement in strong vibration and shock environments. Applications include platform stabilization, surface mapping, and measuring in remote or rugged environments.

Columbia Research Laboratories, 1925 Mac Dade Blvd., Woodlyn, PA 19094; FAX (610) 872-3882; .

Rotary pumps

The RTP series rotary transport pumps are designed for loading and unloading tank trucks and trailers. The pumps are said to offer high flow rates and are dimensionally interchangeable with most common lobe-type tanker pumps, allowing easy replacement with without re-piping. Constructed of stainless steel, the pumps conform to 3A and FDA sanitary/hygienic standards for food products, and can be used for CIP, SIP, or Strip Cleaning.

Viking Pump Inc., Box 8, Cedar Falls, IA 50613-0008; FAX (319) 273-8157; .

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