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Product News

Product News

Hybrid connectors

Han-brid(R) connectors are said to allow field bus connection of a variety of field bus cables which contain fiber optic, copper, and copper twisted pairs in one package. The product can also incorporate a 24V/10A power supply, is said to be usable with all common field bus systems, hoods, and housings, and has been standardized for DESINA and Profibus.

HARTING of North America, 1370 Bowes Rd., Elgin, IL 60123-5538; FAX (847) 741-8257;

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S-558-5999-T5 and U5 surface mount magnetic transformer modules are said to conform to IEEE 802.3u standards, and operate in a range of -40 to 85 C. The products are designed to interface with all major IC manufacturer's transceivers which meet industrial Ethernet temperature specifications including Level One's LXT971, and AMD's NetPHY? LP physical layer.

Bel Fuse Inc., 198 Van Vorst St., Jersey City, NJ 07302; FAX (201) 432-9542;

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Interface panels

DC power breaker interface panels have just been added to this company's line of ac/dc power distribution units and remote management systems. The product is custom designed with standard modules to meet specific customer requirements for high current dc power distribution and multi-breaker buss bar applications, and are said to feature remote reset breakers and power sharing/power shedding capabilities.

Spectrum Control, Inc., 8031 Avonia, Fairview, PA 16415; FAX (814) 835-1651.

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