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The SCL0929 C-frame miniature magnetic latching solenoid is for solenoid-operated devices in battery-powered portable equipment. It operates on 6V dc from 4 AA batteries and measures 0.91 x 0.33 x 0.28 inch. The magnetic latching feature allows it to hold its position independent of any external power condition.

Bicron Electronics Co.,

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Spring-loaded form-locking couplings transmit power directly or through a timing belt. They protect machines or other equipment from overload damage in the event of collision or operator error, reportedly disconnecting driving and driven shaft ends in milliseconds. Benefits include compact design, rigid construction to prevent backlash, and quick actuation within 1 to 3 msec.

R+W America,

Enter 576

Linear slide

The L4 linear slide mounts to the back of its rolling ring linear actuators to counter torque created by overhung or off-center loads. The slide attachment protects the linear actuators from torque-induced damage in applications where the load could cause twisting and torquing of the guide rail and supports. A semi-flexible coupling connecting the L4 slide to the actuator transfers moments of force to the slide supports and away from the linear actuator, preventing damage or accelerated wear on the device.

Amacoil Inc.,

Enter 577

Heat sinks

HS10 and HS20 heat sinks aim to save space while achieving thermal efficiency. They offer options of mounting holes for standard "hockey-puck" relay packages as well as DIN rail clips. The HS10 Series weighs 405g and measures 3.18 x 2.25 inches. The HS20 series is 730g and 4.1 x 3.18 inches.

Teledyne Relays,

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XC-3700SH anti-backlash nuts are available in 3/8-inch diameter screw sizes and XC-5000SH nuts are available in 1/2-inch diameter screw sizes. Both Short Body series nuts feature patented ActiveCAM(TM) technology for zero backlash and minimal drag torque. Available in either threaded or flange-mount versions, these compact nuts are reportedly able to maximize usable stroke due to their reduced length.

Ball Screws & Actuators Co. Inc.,

Enter 579


The SUPERPROX(R) Model SM900A-7-STS series of 30-mm ultrasonic sensors is said to detect objects from 4.7 to 39 inches. Their stainless-steel housing and stainless steel-faced transducer combine to provide proximity sensing for a range of On/Off detection involving corrosive chemicals and chemical-based materials. A microprocessor enables the sensors to ignore objects outside the set window.

Hyde Park Electronics Inc.,

Enter 580


FVDK 10 single-channel amplifiers include both trimpot adjustable and push-button teach-in style units. The FVDK 31 modular fiber-optic sensor features an expandable housing design where individual fiber-optic sensors share communication via an internal bus. Both types of amplifiers provide standard self-diagnostic functions, light/dark selection switches, and release delay selection switches with two LEDs for stability indication.

Baumer Electric Ltd.,

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