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Product News

Product News

Linear/rotary actuation

Ternary products are designed to be a high-precision, low-cost linear and rotary actuation system. Available in linear (TLS) and rotary (TRS) motion, the products are said to be intelligent sub-units for electromechanical systems which use a unified utility scheme through rotary to linear motion.

Alpha Gear Drives Inc.,1440 Howard St., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007; FAX (847) 439-0755;

For Information, enter 608

Motion control board

MC400 PCI-Bus motion control board is for front- and back-end semi machines, test and inspection, CMMs, packaging and palletizing, converting and processing, and automated assembling. Configurations available include: four servo axes, four servo axes plus 4 stepper axes, 4 closed-loop steppers plus 4 open-loop steppers, and 4 dual-encoder servo axes.

Precision MicroDynamics Inc.,

For Information, enter 609

Material lift

This company's Lite material lift has a reported 500 lb capacity and is said to be easily movable within factories and warehouses because of its compact size. The lift is also said to not require extensive bracing, and is designed to be easy to install with minimal skilled labor. Features include a platform of up to 4 x 4 ft, a 120V single-phase motor, and a chain drive system.

Joyce/Dayton Corp., 3400 Office Park Dr., Box 1630, Dayton, OH 45401; FAX (937) 297-7173;

For Information, enter 610

CNC controls

BURNY Plus series shape-cutting controls are said to feature processing speeds which are more than 80% faster than their predecessors, including kerf calculation and downloading speeds which are four times faster. The product line includes the BURNY 2.5 Plus and 2.8 Plus integrated drive systems, and the 1400 and 1250 Plus control systems.

Cleveland Motion Controls, 7550 Hub Pkwy., Cleveland, OH 44125; FAX 216-642-2100;

For Information, enter 611

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