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Product News

Product News

Servo control

The SM2315 is a controller, amplifier, and encoder built into what this company says is a "true" brushless dc servo motor at a price which is competitive with many stepper motor systems. A single microprocessor is said to handle all processing functions, including the PID loop, the trajectory generator, the user program execution, I/O control, and all communications.

Animatics Corp., 3050 Tasman Dr., Santa Clara, CA 95054; FAX (408) 748-8725;

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Soft start

MAC? 2000 soft starts are designed for applications where a less sophisticated, lower cost motor control is required. The product is a single unit which can be used for single or two-speed applications, and can be applied through 17 full load amps in 230 and 460V ratings and 12 full load amps for 575V ratings. It also has a small footprint for applications where space is at a premium.

MagneTek, Box 13615, Milwaukee, WI 53213; FAX (262) 783-3510;

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Submicron positioning

DF-1 differential micrometer positioning heads are reportedly among the smallest commercially available positioning devices. The product is said be mountable to linear slides, or to the company's 99 series subminiature multiaxis positioners by using a finely threaded barrel behind the moving positioning spindle, which has a hardened ball at its end to reduce friction and wear.

Del-Tron Precision Inc., 5 Trowbridge Dr. Box 505, Bethel, CT 06801; FAX (203) 778-2721;

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Servo motors

G330 Series Brushless Servo Motors are a value-priced family of brushless motors which are said to deliver high-performance servo control while simplifying machine design and lowering cost. The product has a reported torque range of 0.5 to 5 Nm at speeds up to 9,300 rpm. The motors are available in 55, 70, and 100 mm frame sizes, and are said to have high dynamics to improve cycle time.

Moog Inc., 300 Jamison Rd. Plant 11, East Aurora, NY 14052-0018; FAX (716) 655-1803.

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