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RK73 flat chip resistors come in 1H and 1E sizes. Resistance ranges for these models are 82 to 2K ohm for the 1H ( plus or minus 2%) and 10 to 1M ohm for the 1E ( plus or minus 1%). The metal glaze thick-film design of the RK73 reportedly ensures good heat and moisture resistance. These components also feature anti-leaching nickel barrier terminations with 90/10 solder plating as standard. The devices are suitable for flow and reflow soldering.

KOA Speer Electronics,

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Stepper motor

This high-torque, permanent-magnet stepper motor weighs 2.2 oz and measures 44 x 12 mm. Available in a bipolar version only, the model 44M100D1B motor produces 4.25 oz-inch of pull-out torque at 1,500 pps when driven with a chopper drive. Other specifications for the drive include 2W of input power per winding, permanently lubricated sleeve bearings, and holding torque of 5.5 oz-inch minimum.

Thomson Industries,

Enter 636

Conveyor module

The EM modular conveyor system offers modules in seven standard configurations with lengths up to 8m. The modules use a narrow-chain design and closed-chain return to ensure operator safety. With four basic module types, the EM system can be used to connect machinery or can be built together to create larger systems. All modules are delivered in pre-assembled units.

FlexLink Systems,

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Hub motor

The PowerTrac is a 7.88-inch diameter hub motor designed for light electric vehicles such as bicycles, scooters, and industrial carts. Its performance ranges from 150 to 525W continuous. The motor is rated for environmental protection, offers operating voltages of 24 to 36V dc, and it utilizes a gearbox engineered in various gear ratios. Its direct-drive hub design allows the wheel to be directly spoked to the hub or molded with a urethane tire.


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Torque-limiting safety couplings function with servo drives, spindles, and tools that operate up to 10,000 rpm. The outside taper lock is self-aligning, and the outside conical hubs automatically quick-release when disassembling. Release set screws are also offered to meet the demands of very high torque applications. The DMK/SB safety couplings' flange, on which the gear is mounted, can meet run out tolerances of up to 0.00008 inch. The line transmits torque from 90 to 14,400 inch-lbs on shaft sizes from 1/2 to 3.5 inches.

Rimtec Corp.,

Enter 639

Surface-mount fuse

For use in telecommunications devices, the TelecomNano2 fuse is rated 0.5 and 1.25A. The 1.25A rating provides 600V/60A short circuit compliance. The fuse has a 10.1- x 3.1-mm footprint and can replace existing fuse products that meet the Telecordia, UL1950/IEC 950, FCC Part 68, and ITU K.20 or K.21 standards. It is currently packaged on 24-mm tape and reel.

Littelfuse Inc.,

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