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Product News

Helical gearhead

UltraTRUE Continuous Duty helical servo gearheads are said by their manufacturer to more than double the service life in high speed, continuous duty applications. The product generates less heat than other gearheads, can run up to 1.5 times faster than standard input speeds, and reportedly provides a 25,000-hour service life.


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Commutating encoder

With six channels, the RCM21 rotary optical encoder is said to eliminate Hall-effect sensors inside of motors. The 2.1-inch diameter encoder simplifies assembly by eliminating Hall sensor alignment. Combining the 3 phase brushless commutation pulses, the 2 data channels (in Quadrature), and the reference (once per revolution) index pulse, the encoder achieves up to 2,000 lines resolution.

Renco Encoders Inc.,

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Rotary stage

Direct Drive Rotary Stages from this company are said to provide smooth, low friction rotary motion. The products eliminate typical worm gearing, which is said to reduce wear and provide zero backlash. The stages also reportedly provide high positioning accuracy and speeds up to 200 rpm.

Bayside Motion Group,

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AC brakes

Temporiti ac brakes are offered in nine standard sizes, torque ranges from 3 lb-ft to 220 lb-ft, and voltages from 208 to 575V ac. The products are power-off, and designed to hold a load like a parking brake or stop it completely when power is shut off. The brakes mount to the back of the motor and wire directly to the ac input.

Electroid Co.,

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Linear drive

Wiesel(TM) Speedline(TM) linear drive product line is said to have been designed for applications which require superior dynamics, such as assembly and handling. The products feature a steel-reinforced tooth belt drive which combines high power transfer, excellent dynamics, and low noise. WH stages are available for single- and multiple-axis applications, while the WHZ is designed for vertical-axis applications.

Precision Technology,

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Ac motors

G30 Global Series motors reportedly achieve more horsepower per frame than comparably configured motors. The product is said to offer improved heat dissipation as well as high quality materials. Other features include bi-directional rotation, corrosion-resistant metric hardware, dowel pins, and vertical jackscrew holes, a rigid frame for low vibration, and a 100% epoxy resin Class F insulation system.

Rockwell Automation,

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Servo actuator

TPM ac servo actuators are said to be an innovative servo gear motor package consisting of a brushless ac servomotor and a low backlash, high precision TP planetary gearhead. The product is said to have an extremely high degree of stiffness which is achieved by direct integration of the pinion into the motor shaft, a much shorter pinion to motor distance, and a larger motor shaft diameter.

Alpha Gear Drives Inc.,

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Locking hubs

Adjustable locking hubs from this company are a rotary bearing which provides positive locking at any 10 degree increment, and reportedly becomes an absolutely rigid joint able to withstand 100 ft-lb of torque. Applications include adjustable or rotating fixtures, welding fixtures, trunnion mounting, adjustable and/or foldable handles, adjustable parts trays or shelves, and collapsible structures.

Carr Lane Manufacturing,

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Planetary gearhead

DuraTRUE90 hollow shaft gearheads are said to increase system reliability while decreasing system cost by eliminating the need for separate couplings. The product is available in three frame sizes and three bore sizes, and offers a backlash of 8 arc-min, a peak torque rating of 7,450 in-lb, and a peak radial load capacity of up to 1,798 lb.

Thomson Micron LLC,

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Heavy duty slides

Heavy duty slides feature this company's self-lubricating Simplicity(TM) bearings, which have a Frelon(R) bearing surface which is said to increase load capacity to over 5 times that of traditional rolling element bearings. Applications include fiberglass manufacturing and processing, stone cutting and quarry applications, auto manufacturing, welding and assembly lines, foundries, and machine tools.

Pacific Bearing,;

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Motion controller cards

SERCOS motion controller cards now include four routines designed specifically for the packaging industry: Flying Shear, Measure Part, Point Lock, and Rotary Knife. Each routine reportedly requires only minimal application programming to execute complex motion tasks, which is said to cut months of OEM development and startup time while simplifying maintenance.

Schneider Electric,

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