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Product News

Product News

Sensors stand up to the pressure

Like a good browse through a hardware store, roaming the floor of the National Manufacturing Week tradeshow in March in Chicago brought about some interesting surprises.

For instance, in the TURCK booth were the latest additions to the company's line of pressure sensors. Close inspection of the sensors highlighted the philosophy of such pacesetter companies that constantly add new technologies to improve products' capabilities, which can make designers' jobs easier. Thus, companies such as TURCK are the ones design engineers need to keep tabs on.

On display were new pressure sensors in die-cast housings-which Product Manager Eric Henefield says makes them rugged enough to be placed on automotive assembly line structures where they might be stepped on or worse. But more than just a tough customer, the devices themselves have been given new capabilities for more versatile applications. The latest of these solid-state models are self contained and need no external amplifiers. New are the large, seven-segment display and full programmability-which, Henefield notes, includes: NPN or PNP transistor outputs, displaying bar or psi units, normally open or closed outputs, time delays for set- and resetpoints, and peak-pressure memory. Accuracy is less than 2% of sensor range, and repeatability is less than 0.5% sensor range. And with no moving parts to wear out and a ceramic piezo-resistive measuring cell, he adds, the sensor has a 10 million-cycle rating.

Other noteworthy features are sensor availability now in ac as well as dc, and analog, discrete, or both outputs in one. The sensors have wider international approvals with CE, UL, and CSA ratings, and meet IP67 as well. Each model comes in 13 pressure ranges, including vacuum.Additional Details...Eric Henefield, TURCK Inc., 3000 Campus Dr., Plymouth, MN 55441; Tel: (763) 553-7357; FAX: (763) 553-0708;

, or Enter No. 586


AARON? (Accurate Alignment, cam Rotating, circuit Orienting Network) Connectors are designed to offer a superior electrical interface as well as high reliability and flexibility at a low cost. The product features the manufacturer's Dynamic Contact Cluster (DCC?) technology, which is said to eliminate the need for stamped contacts by enabling the conductor of a circuit to interface directly with the PCB without a mating header.

Miraco Inc., 102 Maple Street, Manchester, NH 03103; FAX (603) 665-9459;

For Information, enter 587

Compact crystal

FUE crystals are designed to provide a cost-effective alternative for portable, wireless, and other applications where space and budget are limited. The crystal is mounted in a completely encased plastic package which measures 13.4 x 5.08 x 4.6 mm, and can be supplied in standard 1,000 piece tape and reel packaging for use with automatic assembly equipment.

Fox Electronics, 5570 Enterprise Parkway, Fort Myers, FL 33905; FAX (941) 693-1554;

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AV connectors

RCA and S-Video modules have been added to this company's Minicom(R) line of communication products. The products are designed to connect audio and video equipment in a variety of common applications including conference centers, boardrooms, and schools. The products are available in punchdown, pass-through, or solder-type termination styles, with a black insert available for the solder-type termination.

Panduit-Electrical Group, 17301 Ridgeland Ave, Tinley Park, IL 60477; FAX (815) 485-5839;

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Sine amplifiers

SE smooth sinusoidal amplifiers are designed to provide both low- and high- speed smoothness and low torque ripple. Three types are available, including dual sine wave input for external commutation, internal commutation with encoder feedback, and internal commutation with resolver feedback. Voltage inputs are from 20 to 400V dc and 45 to 270V ac.

Advanced Motion Controls, 3629 Vista Mercado, Camarillo, CA 93012; FAX (805) 389-1165;

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Color LCD

F51136 NCHHU-FW-AA 256 x 64 LCD is a full color RGB transmissive graphic display with a reportedly wide viewing angle. The display features a cold cathode fluorescent backlight and a reported 25,000 hour lifetime to half brightness point. Additional features include an onboard 12V heater as well as an integrated temperature compensation circuit.

Optrex America Inc., 44160 Plymouth Oaks Blvd, Plymouth, MI 48170; FAX (734) 416-8520;

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DV-05 in-line amplifiers for strain gauge transducers feature a rugged plastic enclosure which mounts to standard 35 mm DIN rails. A relay buffered shunt calibration is said to ease calibration and setup by allowing span measurement without the need to apply a known input. Also featured are front-accessible electrical connections and zero and span adjustments.

Sensotec Inc., 2080 Arlingate Ln., Columbus, OH 43228; FAX (614) 850-1111;

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SMT-753 electromechanical transducers are said to provide more sound output in a smaller package. The product is 3.5 mm high, and reportedly provides a sound output level of 98 dbA. Other features include a voltage range from 3 to 4.6V, resonant frequency to 2,830 Hz, SMD mounting, as well as compatibility with convection, IR, and vapor phase manufacturing processes.

Projects Unlimited Inc., 3680 Wyse Rd., Dayton, OH 45414-5802; FAX (937) 918-2206;

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Resettable PTC

The 3425L300 is the latest addition to this company's 3425L series of surface-mount resettable PTCs. The product's 3A rating is the highest in the series, and the company says it's the highest-rated surface mount package in the industry. The product is designed for protection of circuits against overcurrent conditions in a wide range of computer and peripheral applications, including PC cards, modems, keyboards, and mouse ports.

Littelfuse Inc., 800 E Northwest Hwy., Des Plaines, IL 60016; FAX (847) 391-0894;

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