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Product News

Product News

Power distribution

T he Series 3000 Vehicle Electrical Center (VEC) is said to be a highly flexible, cost-effective power distribution module for vehicle harness systems. Connections are made through external "plug-in" keyed connectors in a variety of configurations. The product also features a flexible arrangement of horizontal tracks and vertical pins which is said to allow power distribution and control circuits to be imposed on the matrix.

Cooper Bussman , Box 14460, St. Louis, MO 63178-4460; .

Hydraulic ports

S tud weldable hydraulic ports are said by their manufacturer to allow quicker and stronger welds onto hydraulic cylinders, compared to manual welding. Designed for use in industrial equipment, construction, farm machinery, off-highway equipment, and other applications, the product is said to permit a stronger weld with less heat distortion of the cylinder

Image Industries Inc. , 382 Balm Ct., Wood Dale, IL 60191; FAX (630) 766-2402.


H eavy-duty modules have just been added to this company's line of TSplus flexible assembly conveyors for use in automotive, appliance, and consumer electronics applications. Called the TS4plus, the product uses the power-and-free roller chain technology to carry payloads up to 500 lbs. Features of the series include conveyor drives, lift and transfer units, and cushioned stop gates.

Bosch Automation Products , 816 East 3rd St., Buchanan, MI 49107; FAX (616) 695-3446;


A liphatic TPU sheeting from this company is said to be superior to previous products in the manufacture of "break-in proof" automotive window glass. Said to adhere to both glass and polycarbonates, the product maintains its physical properties through temperature extremes, resulting in no change in dimension and high optical clarity.

Stevens Urethane , 9 Sullivan Rd., Holyoke, MA 01040-2800; FAX 413-552-1195;

Solenoid valve

T hese 16-mm valves are for medical, biotechnical, analytical and semiconductor applications. Available with plastic bodies, the 3-way valves are dead volume free, and an optical integrated flow sensor make possible the control of critical fluids to a very high accuracy. The diaphragm is frictionless and hermetically isolates the actuator from the fluid media, ensuring compatibility.

Burkert Contromatic Corp. , 2602 McGaw Ave., Irvine, CA 92614; FAX (949) 223-3198; .

Fluid soleoid

S olenoids designed for low-pressure fluid applications in high vibration environments are now available. Incorporating internal seals and a threaded adapter for direct connection to fluid manifolds, the product can operate as a relief valve up to 14.7 Psig or as a check valve up to 44.1 Psig. The solenoid measures 0.75-inch diameterx1-inch long with a 3/8 to 24 UNF-2A adapter thread.

Bicron Electronics Co., 50 Barlow St., Canaan, CT 06018; FAX (860) 824-1137; .

Adhesive film

D ecorative adhesive films from this company are designed for use in signs, decals, point of purchase displays, vehicle lettering and banner advertising. The product is coated with a permanent acrylic pressure adhesive which is said to have good low temperature tact and flexibility. The holographic film comes in silver, gold, red, and green, in sheen, glitter, crystal, and opal finishes.

Grafix Plastics , 19499 Miles Rd., Cleveland, OH 44128; .


T his company says that its Stanyl(R)plastic is being used as a lightweight replacement for aluminum in automotive air-intake manifolds. The plastic's high-heat resins are said to combine high dimensional stability and mechanical strength at high temperatures, and offer high creep resistance, vibration resistance, stiffness, impact resistance and heat aging resistance at the high and low temperatures found under automotive hoods.

DSM Engineering Plastics , Box 3333 2267 West Mill Rd., Evansville, IN 47732-3333; FAX (812) 435-7702; .

Digital meter

Single, two, and four-stroke engines can all be monitored by this company's #664 Digital Tach/Maintenance/Hour Meter. By attaching an external lead to the spark plug of any engine, the meter can show engine speed and how long the engine has been running. The unit is powered by an internal lithium battery, and is built with a custom chip and diebonding construction for durability.

ENM , 5617 Northwest Hwy., Chicago, IL 60646; FAX (773) 775-5968.

Display station

A new model has been added to this company's Display Station 2000(TM)Series of industrial computer workstations. The WTA is a panel-mount industrial computer with a 10.4-inch active matrix, resistive touch, TFT color screen. The product comes bundled with CIMPLICITY(R)industrial automation software, which is said to combine the power of an operator interface with Windows(R)NT.

GE Fanuc Automation , Box 229, Whitehall, PA 18052; FAX (610) 437-5212; .

Aircraft plastics

This company's new Colorcomp(R)composites feature molded-in color and are said to have high wear resistance. When used in conjunction with its Exceptional Processing technology, the manufacturer says that even high-heat, thin-wall sections can be molded to maintain strength and aesthetics throughout their service life, and simplify assembly by eliminating the need for finishing or painting. Current applications include aircraft window bezel and track assemblies.

LNP Engineering Plastics , 475 Creamery Way, Exton, PA 19341; FAX (610) 363-4749; .

Polymer thick film

These Luxprint(R)polymer thick film materials from this company are designed for electroluminescent backlights and animated sign applications. The products are said to have a slim flexible configuration, be cool to the touch, dissipate low power, provide uniform lighting, and have a long service life. Applications include dashboards and instrument clusters in automobiles, as wells as wireless phone handsets, PDAs, watches, and nightlights.

DuPont-Polyester Films , Box 80027, Wilmington, DE 19880

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