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Power Transmission & Motion Control

Power Transmission & Motion Control


Power Cube(TM) stepping-motor drive measures 12.5 cubic inches and has a 250W drive in a potted enclosure that is said to mount easily on machines in demanding industrial environments. The drive features dedicated I/O for enable, stall detection, and power save, and the power save is said to reduce motor heating and power consumption by 60% while the motor is stopped. Quick-disconnect terminals and an optional 4A drive operate with input voltages from 24-48V dc, maintaining correct current and high-speed performance for NEMA 23 and 34 stepping motors in the 61-605 oz-inch range.

Whedco Inc., Enter 629


The Dynapar brand Series F14 and F18 industrial encoders are said to provide high-performance, cost-effective feedback for stepper- and servo-motor controls, and feature compact 1.4- or 1.8-inch diameter package dimensions and a pluggable pin header. A compliant tether reportedly allows easy mounting with high tolerance to motor-shaft movement and 30 degrees of adjustment to align the signal outputs to the shaft position.

Danaher Controls, Enter 630

Motor drive

Created to reduce mounting space up to 32%, the Altivar(R) 28 compact ac drive is said to be easily installed, and simple to program. An RS485 serial link provides interconnection with Modbus Plus, Ethernet TCP/IP, and DeviceNet. Uptime and efficiency are reportedly increased through motor performance feedback. Retrofitting the existing Altivar 18 ac drives can be done without redrilling bolt holes or new programming.

Schneider Electric, Enter 631


The DATAFLEX(R) torque measurement coupling measures torque and speed by measuring the intensity of light. The light is directed through two disks that have been etched for light refraction, similar to encoder disks, and the amount of light transmitted through these disks is proportional to the torque. Since the electronics and light source are located in the fixed housing and do not rotate, the problems of reliably transmitting data or signals from the rotating shaft, as found in slip-ring or telemetry systems, are reportedly eliminated.

KTR Corp., Enter 632


This axial ball-transfer bearing is said to eliminate stick/slip in rack-and-pinion steering while still providing for high-load capability during high-stress situations. This is achieved through the use of recirculating balls and an adjustable steel rack that form a bearing to support the normal steer loads. When the balls and rack are subjected to high loads, the adjustable rack retracts within a sleeve retainer and the retainer provides plain-bearing support.

Thomson Industries, Enter 633


STAR bipolar MSU500 is a low-cost, 5-Phase, constant-current chopper driver with eight micro-stepping settings for optimal resolution. The driver is designed to handle the high speed and torque performances of the company's size 17 to 23 stepper motors, rated up to 1.4A, and reportedly provides smooth, quiet operation. The modular MSU500 requires a power source of 24 - 36V dc with built-in features and sinking-type inputs such as direction control, internal protection devices, and selectable maximum output current.

Nyden Corp., Enter 634

Linear actuator

An integrated linear scale in the RS rolling-ring linear actuator provides both travel direction sensing and linear position control accurate to 0.0004 inch. This smooth, un-threaded drive shaft converts rotary motion input into linear output. Rolling ring technology allows for speeds up to 8,000 rpm, axial thrust up to 500 lbs, and travel speed up to 4 ft/sec. There are seven sizes for different diameter shafts, load requirements, and thrust requirements, and five different pitch settings. Applications include textile, automotive, metrology, and CNC machining.

Amacoil Inc., Enter 635


The Precision Tork(TM) M9 permanent-magnet clutch and brake has a torque range of 15 to 300 lb-inches. A black zinc dichromate finish provides corrosion resistance. Custom-made shaft bores and keyways, shaft extensions, system retrofits, metric bores, stainless steel, and fixed torque versions are available. Mounted with a pulley, belt, or gear, this system is said to provide jam protection and soft starts. Permanent magnets reportedly reduce mechanical wear and electrical connections, and hold the torque setting for life. Applications include large reel unwinding, tension control, bottle capping, nip-roll applications, and coil winding.

Warner Electric, Enter 636

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