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Power Transmission

Power Transmission

Gear reducer

The RV-C precision heavy-duty gear reducer offers high ratio gear reduction and a through-hole ranging from 31 to 138 mm. The gear reducer has a rated torque range of 867 to 27,754 inch-lbs, with a peak torque range of 4,337 to 138,768 inch-lbs. Gear reducer also comes with built-in output bearings that support large thrust and overhung loads. Applications include wrist axes, rotary tables, welding positioners, and other rotary positioning applications. Harmonic Drive Technologies, Enter 635


The Stealth PS (in-line) and RS (right-angle) Helical Planetary gearheads feature low-friction Viton seals to reduce heat and oil lubrication to increase the reliability of the components. An output wave seal creates a hydrodynamic oil film between the seal and shaft. Applications include servo systems, gear drives, and high-accuracy linear positioning systems. Bayside Motion Group, Enter 636


Xtreme Energy is a high-performance slotless-brushless dc motor that reportedly meets the highest isolation grades, suited for 12 to 48V automotive applications. The design of the motor offers high-power density and low RFI and EMI noise. The reportedly maintenance-free motor is capable of rapid directional changes. The Xtreme Energy motor may be used in automotive, aerospace/military, appliance, HVAC, and motion control applications. Xtreme Energy Inc., Enter 637


500 Series variable frequency drive with SERCOS interface features speed control and torque and speed regulation. Programmable I/O option cards for SERCOS and other open interfaces, as well as SynchroLink are available. Applications include testing, lifting, process engineering, and all other processes that require high-speed drives. Bosch Rexroth Co., Enter 638

Air-bearing stage

The ABL1000 3D series three-axis air-bearing stage is a linear positioner with a pre-loaded, non-contact design. Directly coupled non-contact linear encoder position feedback is available with different options, as are a selection of controllers for the air-bearing stage. The ABL1000 3D series is suitable for photonics, fiber optics, and general-purpose nano-positioning applications. Aerotech Inc., Enter 639

Vision sensors

InSight(TM) vision sensors are able to read and verify reduced space symbology codes on pharmaceutical packages for the purposes of product identification and traceability. Each sensor provides Cognex vision software tools, a vision spreadsheet interface, and built-in Ethernet communications. Applications include 2D code reading, optical character recognition, and label and safety seal inspection. Cognex Corp., Enter 640

AC inverter

The MV-4X ac inverter is encased in a water- and dust-tight enclosure that allows for inverter to be operated using the front panel with its quick-start keypad. The ac inverter measures 6.1 x 7.6 x 6.5 inches and has an on-board RS-485 Modbus RTU, programmable analog and digital inputs and outputs. Applications include machine tools, pumps, mixers, and refrigeration equipment. Omron Electronics Inc, Enter 641

Motor control

700BDC is a compact brushless dc motor speed control offering customization to OEM customers at reportedly low costs. The 700BDC comes with a standard screw terminal connector or optional European-style pluggable connector. Fixed resistors are an available option, or conventional trim pots may set minimum/maximum speeds. The 700BDC uses surface mount manufacturing technologies to create a space-efficient design. Dart Controls, Enter 642


The Gage(R) CMM(TM) and the Platinum FaroArm(TM) are internally counterbalanced for "neutral buoyancy" and reportedly fatigue-free usage. The Gage has a magnetic mount that allows machinists to measure parts and assemblies directly on the machinery. The Platinum FaroArm is available in 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, and 12-ft configurations. Applications include engineering and manufacturing. Faro Technologies, Enter 643

Slot cards

MachineLogic slot card reportedly combines PC connectivity with PLC reliability and out-specs even higher-end PLC and PC controls. Slot card features simultaneous Fieldbus and Ethernet communications, reportedly large program capacity to handle large applications, IEC 61131 programming language compliance, and 16k of I/O. The slot card also uses a processor and real-time operating system. CTC Parker Automation, Enter 644


RGH series gearheads combine the company's reportedly zero backlash gear components with an integral flange output that is supported by a heavy-duty bearing, allowing the units to provide high axial-, radial-, and moment- loads for its size. The gearheads are available in three sizes, with a rated output torque ranging from 221 to 1,213 inch-lbs. Applications include positioning systems, factory automation equipment, and robot joints. Harmonic Drive Technologies, Enter 645

PID controls

PID control installers for the Opto 22 FactoryFloor(R) and ioControl(TM) software suites are suitable for temperature, pressure, flow regulation, and industrial automation applications. The PID_Control installer installs a FactoryFloor project for PID control, while the PID_Control_IO installer provides an ioControl strategy with trending in an ioDisplay(TM) interface. Turbocraft Inc., Enter 646

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