TDK-Lambda Introduces DIN Rail Power Supplies that Operate with 3-Phase ac Inputs

September 24, 2009

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TDK-Lambda Introduces DIN Rail Power Supplies that Operate with 3-Phase ac Inputs

ELECTRONICS:  TDK-Lambda has released a new series of ac-dc DIN Rail-Mount power supplies with outputs rated from 120 to 480W that operate off a three-phase ac line input from 340 to 575V ac. These models are ideal for factory automation, industrial control systems and test and measurement equipment.Each series are available with the most popular output voltages: 12V dc and 24V dc outputs are available in the DPP120 series (rated at 120W) plus 24V dc and 48V dc outputs are available in the DPP240 series (rated at 240W) and the DPP480 series (rated at 480W). An important feature of these new units is their bi-phase operation; under a dropped phase condition they will continue to operate with the output power derated to 80 percent. All models incorporate power factor correction in accordance with EN61000-3-2.

Output voltages can be adjusted to allow for the voltage drop in cables and similar factors. Load regulation is ±1 percent when the supplies are used individually and ±5 percent when two supplies are connected in parallel for higher power applications.

For additional convenience in control and automation applications, the 24V model includes a voltage monitoring (DC Good) relay. The relay contacts are rated at 0.3A and they close when the output voltage is above 17.6V to 19.4V dc; this can be useful in protecting devices such as sensors and solenoids that may be unpredictable at reduced voltages, i.e., below their nominal 24V rating.

Further features of these DPP 3-phase series include over current protection, over voltage protection and over temperature protection with auto recovery. The operating
temperature range of the power supplies is from -25 to 71C.

-Edited by Liz Taurasi


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