New Automated Three-Phase CDN from Teseq Provides Reliable High Power Consumption EUT Testing

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February 6, 2010

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New Automated Three-Phase CDN from Teseq Provides Reliable High Power Consumption EUT Testing

ELECTRONICS:  Teseq Inc. recently released an automated three-phase coupling/decoupling network (CDN) for EFT and surge testing. The new CDN 3063 provides safe, reliable operation in a wide range of test setups, including higher current level and three-phase EUT (equipment under test) testing.To prevent damage to internal components, the CDN 3063 comes standard with over temperature protection that allows short term operation at current exceeding the nominal rating. A phase rotation indicator in the three-phase models shows a correctly sequenced power connection for safe EUT operation.

The new system meets IEC requirements for EUT currents over 16A and ANSI specifications for special coupling modes and pulse amplitude control making it fully compliant with both industry standards.

Available in a burst only configuration (CDN 3063-B32), with surge function only (CDN 3063-S32) or in a combined model that provides both (CDN 3063-C32), the modular CDN 3063 is easily upgraded to protect a user’s initial investment and quickly adapts to changing test environments.

The CDN 3063 couples burst and surge pulses in one-, two- or three-phase power mains up to 480V with a current range up to 32A that incorporates the new IEC standard’s provision for testing EUT’s with high power consumption. The standard defines three classes of filter inductance for current ranges: up to 25A, 25 to 60A and 60 to 100 A. Reduced decoupling inductances in series with the EUT power connection are used in order to minimize series voltage losses with higher current EUTs.

The CDN can couple EFT pulses specified in IEC 61000-4-4 Ed2, the combination wave pulse defined in IEC 61000-4-5 and the ring wave pulse from IEC 61000-4-12, as well as the special amplitude control pulse from ANSI C62.45.

The CDN 3063 utilizes the latest electronic component technology to measure and track the mains voltage and simultaneously control the pulse phase angle and amplitude. When combined with Teseq’s NSG 3060 burst generator, the CDN 3063 fulfills the unique coupling requirements designated by ANSI C62.41, which requires a constant peak voltage amplitude for any EUT mains voltage and phase angle.

The CDN 3063 can also be used with Teseq’s NSG 3040 burst generators to increase the generator’s effectiveness and enable its use in higher current level or three-phase EUT applications.

AC/DC EUT current range is 3 x 32A continuous, 3 x 40A for approximately 35 min and 3 x 50A for approximately 10 min. The CDN 3063 weighs 43 kg (94.8 lb) and is 449 mm (17.7 inch) wide, 310.5 mm (12.25 inch) high and 565 mm (22.2 inch) in depth.

- Edited by Liz Taurasi

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